Thursday, February 15

Carnivals even for those who hate clowns.

Meant to post this image yesterday and got all busy. Blue Gal is among her betters this week at Carnival of the Liberals. The posts this week are really excellent--congrats to Greenbelt for doing such a fine job.

It's a tough act to follow, though. CotL will actually be at this here blog in two weeks on February 28. You have until, I think, February 27 to get submissions in, and you must submit them through the CotL website. They've got good (and helpful) submission guidelines over there, too.

In the meantime, don't forget to vote in the Pammy Atlas photoshop contest. I don't wanna tip the election results, but I did hafta change my panties after I saw "rug lick."

Pammy her own self said yesterday: "If policy and principle is what's really sexy, then John Bolton is People Magazine's Next Sexiest Man Alive."

She wins. I just can't write anything that funny.


  1. I don't hate clowns.

    I thoroughly, absolutely, unequivocally despise all clowns.

    "Hate" is just a bit too strong. :)

  2. hi, i've got a problem, hope you can help. why are they making fun of me over at shakespear's sis and insisting i'm not who i am?

    that hurts.

    these are some of the replies.

    Well, "sherry", now that I looked into it, you're also "Mary" who posted above.

    deeky | Homepage | 02.16.07 - 11:42 am | #

  3. John Bolton:sexy::George W. Bush:articulate


  4. but I did hafta change my panties after I saw "rug lick."

    Dammit, woman! You nearly made me choke on my Dr. Pepper and Bourbon again!


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