Monday, February 5

So, how's the weather where you are?


Not Birmingham, Alabama. Not even close. Blewett Pass (no, really), Washington State. Taken by Don.

I love what a friend up north said, "It's minus 2 here, but at least there's a breeze."

Stay warm, ma hunnies.


  1. it was 6 below with a wind chill factor of 20 below this morning!

    blewett pass, yes, actually that is a family name of mine. it's english, cornish to be exact.

  2. Anonymous1:22 PM

    -40ish* this morning. My car wouldn't start, so I plugged it in. At noon (when it was about -25ish) it went wa-waaa-waaaa-rumble-ON! and I said, "Thank God".


    * All temperatures are in Celsius, and neglect wind chill, which makes it feel even freakin' colder.

  3. Southern New Jersey, fifteen minutes from Philly:

    Gloriously sunny.


    Temperture: 12 degrees.

    I. Hate. Winter.

    Except for hockey.

  4. I live 20 miles from there, down in the valley... no snow here ;)


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