Monday, February 5

Something tells me he just made
Howard Dean's whole day.

And I hafta include this one:

"The American people basically fired George Bush in the last election," writes New York Times columnist Tom Friedman. "We're now just watching him clean out his desk."


  1. "If America were a parliamentary democracy, we would have a no-confidence vote and a new prime minister by spring," writes New York Daily News columnist Michael Goodwin.

    oh i wish!

  2. Box up the bric-a-brac and don't let the door hit you on the ass, Bush.

  3. Anonymous7:31 PM

    I'm available on Wednesday an' Friday t'assist in th'Bush Dispersal. Can get a dump truck an' back-hoe, if needed.

  4. W polls as "worst villain" of the '06--- running away! He beat out Bin Laden, Saddam, Kim Jong-Il and Satan. (Yes that Satan.)

    JR Kinnard posts survey results and video.

  5. Well, we might've fired Gee Dubya, but he sure doesn't seem to have gotten the message. He's holdin' on to that desk harder than a Republican pundit holdin' on to his penis pill bottles. I bet he's even wrapped a chain around his waist and that desk to keep folks from hauling him away before he's ready. We're gonna have to pry him loose with crowbars and hacksaws, methinks, and then haul him off by his ankles as he bangs his cute little fisties on the ground going "wah! wah! wah!" all the way.

    Of course, that's assuming that "we" are the Democrats, and that they actually have the spine to do it. ASSuming anything about Democratic spine seems rather... hopeful. Or not. Hmm.

    - Badtux the Snarky Penguin

  6. Lame duck Presidents past have historically run like this:

    Eisenhower found his Congress fall out of Republican control, but then got wise to what was about to happen in Vietnam and warned us about the Military Industrial Complex.

    Johnson tried his best at guns and butter but found that Vietnam and his escalation had been to his undoing, so he resigned.

    Clinton went out reasonably popular, but with both houses of Congress out of control. He may have contributed to the attack of 11 September in the lack of preparation. I'm doubtful that 11 September wasn't allowed to happen in the first place, however.

    Truman went out the lamest of lame ducks but has found his reputation, in no small part due to David McCullough, revived. However, he did make the decision to drop the bombs. The bombs, Dimitri.

    You can look at an interesting counterpart in England right now, where they do have a parliamentary system. If the general election were held today, the Tories would come back in by the thinnest of margins. Blair is a lame duck himself and Gordon Brown is almost assuredly going to be the next Labour PM.


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