Saturday, February 3

Don't Sugarcoat It Award for February 3

Today's Don't Sugarcoat It Award goes to the published author and new blogger Cintra Wilson for her lovely post, "Tucker Carlson: A Big Girl's Blouse of a Snivelling Priggot." I could put a blockquote here, but really, you must go read the whole thing. And leave a comment that Blue Gal sentcha.

And gee, that post leads me to believe that Cintra won't have that Tucker Carlson Widget on her site. Dear MSNBC: That "feature" ranks right up there with the "freshness date" on canned Budweiser, in my opinion.

As I've said many times, Blue Gal's blogroll just can't have enough smart funny women on it. Welcome to the party, Cintra.

A nice spank with the velvet rope, which he prefers to the hat tip, to Doug.


  1. Geek.

    Voted most likely to not have any friends in high school.

    I mean, c'mon, it's like like John Stewart said: Who wears a BOW TIE these days?

  2. Anonymous10:50 AM

    Velvet rope! You think I'm that big a wimp? Get out the cane, BG!

    Cintra's the cat's pajamas, don't you think?

  3. Cintra is one-of-a-kind (and local for me, to boot!) - you need to check out my other fav: Neva Chonin of "Live! Rude! Girl!" in the SF Chron.

    For a while, I thought you were writing it for her.



  4. Hey, thanks for the great link today!

    Best line: "...Which is good, if you’re a fuffy, piddling Junior League lap-Nazi like Tucker Carlson."

    Does anyone know if his REAL name is "Tucker" or is it like a broadcast/stage name? 'Cause it's always bugged me that that "lap-Nazi" shares a nomiker. Mine is REAL, by the way...


    Thanks again.

    -- Tucker (Tuckmac)

  5. Tuckers' daddy is a rich repug. Daddy got him on CNN and MSMBC. Daddy probably buys the air time that keeps him on the air since his ratings are non-existence.


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