Wednesday, February 14

I'm Spartacus.

We're all following Drifty's lead, today. If you have a blog, please join us.

UPDATE: It's not a blogswarm, it's a movement. Red Queen is working on the t-shirt, and it's fab.

UPDATE 2: RedQueen's got "I'm Spartacus" shirts for sale now at Cafepress. All profits to Shakes and family.


  1. How's about a supportive comment, instead of a blog entry? My blogs are dormant for now. The keyboard still wants to speak.

    So, that's what mainstream politics does to good guys who wants to make a change. Ummmm... ...our system? It is broken.

  2. i asked the people that read my blog to come on over to yours and see what's been going on.
    i'm better at poetry than writing about these things.

  3. Thanks, you two. Please note: two people I count on, above.

  4. Voting time is still a ways off, but Shakespeare's Sister will be in the running for Best Human Equality Blog in the Koufax Awards.

    And deservedly so.

    (Just sayin'.)

  5. Done. At both of my locations. Another reason to be happy for a snow day.

    I read some of the troll droppings over there last night. I needed another shower afterwards. With Lysol. Dis-gusting.

  6. Anonymous10:50 AM

    Here's another way to help: click over and give a donation (right-hand column, PayPal or Amazon). Melissa had been job-hunting for some time before she took the Edwards gig, and she's now without income again. The laborer is worthy of her hire. Any amount will help -- it adds up fast. Thanks!

  7. Anonymous11:29 AM

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    ranging from floral to woodsy. Most women love the smell of perfume, wearing it even when going to the grocery

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  8. That's funny, I smell sulphur.

    And I'm reporting your account to Blogger!

    We now return to our regularly scheduled Melissa Lovefest...

  9. Anonymous11:42 AM

    Oh, be sure to check this out: William Donohue probably voided the Catholic League's tax exempt status by becoming a political player. Report him.

  10. Doug, I did a little timewasting on this and put Pandagon's file up on flickkkr.

    You can print out this from your web-browser, put your own name and address on item number 6, and mail it to:

    Internal Revenue Service
    Fresno, CA 93888

    It's not a perfect print, but it is legible, and that's all the IRS needs.

  11. I am

    Thanks for informing me of this my friend.


  12. Eu sou Spartacus tambem ;)

    I'm not big into being part of the group, but will gladly step in line on this. Better things lie ahead for Melissa. She did good.


  13. I too am part of the Spartacus brigade:

    And kudos to the Red Queen for jumping in like that with both feet. Rome - your days are numbered!

  14. T-SHIRTS! Now we're talking.

    And they come in Plain black, too! (It's a Quaker thing...)

  15. Anonymous1:15 AM

    It was early for the presidential race to get ugly...better that strong American citizens know what they're up against.

    Shakes is a stand up woman.

  16. My take on the dickless wonder who threatened Amanda and Melissa. It's not for the faint of heart or the squeamish and you may want to bring along a poncho.

  17. I am Spartacus, y'all.

    We few, we happy few, we band of bloggers...

  18. Anonymous9:55 AM

    Could it be- gasp-- a pro-gun control posting in the blogo-sphere? Must be something to do with being Blue.


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