Monday, February 12

I'm only gonna mention this here once.

I said this over at C&L this morning and I want to say it here, too. Then I've said my piece and I'm done.

Nancy Pelosi's need to avoid dirtying her shoes on the ground of flyover country is a non-issue, and everybody knows it. Hang it up.

But let's get to a real issue: our own Nancy Pelosi is headlining the AIPAC conference next month.

Lobbyists for a foreign country that may (but of course, we don't know for sure because no one, certainly not H. Clinton or J. Edwards*, ever mentions it) have way too much influence in our Middle East foreign policy.

BTW I thought Pelosi was gonna do something about lobbyists and their influence in Washington. The conference is IN Washington, Nancy. You won't even hafta fly commercial.

I find last year's outrage over the Dubai port deal hilarious given that there is another country in the Middle East running our State Department. All Dubai wants to do is build malls and sell Calvin Klein to oil-rich trophy wives., speaking of trophy wives, Pammy Atlas and her AIPAC friends think the saber rattling re Iran is just grand.

Madam Speaker, you got some 'splaining to do.

*Gee, Hilary and John accepted an earlier invite to genuflect.

If we don't like war in the Middle East, oh nevermind. Just think about it.


  1. I share your hatred of AIPAC, but I am not too concerned about this. Like any politician, Pelosi has to shake hands with all of the villians as well as the the heros. I think that she has to play the game to degree.

    Nancy has been interviewed by Wolf Blitzer, and he was a Lektroid from planet 10 AIPAC lobbyist before his career as a Lektroid from planet 10 media whore.

    Also, maybe she is on a secret mission, you know? Undercover, like April Dancer from The Girl From U.N.C.L.E., or Agent 99 from "Get Smart."

  2. AIPAC may indeed be a foreign interest interfering in the formation of US policy, and should be outed and condemned for that. I think the threat from multinational corporations is more pervasive and destructive overall, though. Even when ostensibly American, these entities have no loyalty whatsoever, and often move their head offices to the Grand Caymans or somewhere as a 'flag of convenience' to avoid paying taxes in the countries where they make their profits. Collectively they have more power than any nation, including the world's only remaining superpower.

  3. AIPAC seems to feel it owns the U.S. - Bought some politicians a while back and still own them, fair and square.

    Considering the genocidal tendencies of Israel (what's a Palestinian born and bred there supposed to do? Evaporate in favor of the master race? I mean, come on!), this perplexes me mightily.

    Do the U.S. politicians believe what Israelis say?

  4. Lobby reform is moot. The Dems don't want it any more than the Rpugs.

    In fact, the money going to lawmakers is probably increasing. Sorry, couldn't find the linkl


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