Friday, February 9

My weight loss plan for lent!

So I'm planning to give up sloth for lent, given that I don't have much problem with avarice and greed, and let's face it, lust and gluttony are my bestest friends.

But last night Blogenfreude asked me to join the team part-time at Agitprop, and I figured, hey! Maybe I can just stretch myself really thin. That'll work!


I will add more time to my schedule, too, as in the next 36 hours, I plan to be fired from the Dennis Kucinich Campaign. (Really, that piece I wrote at the Aristocrats is, as Cintra would say, "the tits." Go visit.)

Daily posting here. Every few days at 'Risties. Every once in a while at Agitprop. Blogenfreude, you do offer major medical, doncha?

Just don't tell Mr. Blue Gal.


  1. how hard would it be to create a bloggers' association and get a major medical insurer to insure the members of the association as a group?

  2. Congrats on the new gig. You're a one-woman blogosphere.

  3. Sounds like BG is turning into a blogging conglomerate

  4. and next time you do C&L, you won't even have to leave the hood.

  5. It sounds like you only have ten days to hurry up and get some serious "slothing" done. Don't slack off until tommorow the "slothing" you can do today!


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