Saturday, February 10

NOT a word from our sponsor...

But I did check out the "Barack Star" ad sitting on the sidebar (to make sure they were okay, as I can reject ads here at my whim) and this particular outfit gives you the opportunity to "vote" for their next shirt. In honor of former Dukakis staffer W. David Stephenson, I chose this one:

Click on the image, and then the "Vote Toast" button to cast your ballot. Dukakis is running a very close second at this writing to the George Washington "Redcoats are so over" shirt. I'd like a do-over on that '88 election, which would mean no Bush '41, thank you very much, but this is as good as we'll get.

BTW David Stephenson is an articulate and vehement opponent of this war and this administration. AND his son shipped off to Baghdad this past week. I'm praying for our troops, and for you, David. Keep the faith and keep blogging.

1 comment:

  1. My father CAMPAIGNED for George Sr.

    Makes for pleasant holidays, let me tell ya.

    My poor poor Reagan Democrat/Libertarian/Carter-hating father.


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