Wednesday, September 10

[Another] word about hitcounts

I had a lovely exchange with one of the boys (and I'm old enough to be their mother, so don't put lipstick on that pig) from Clusterdouche. He had been picked up in a link by you-know-who at the round up you-know-where and had what one brilliant blogger called "morning hitcount wood."

Then...nothing. As I wrote to the Clusterdouche auteur:

oh that's so typical.

They hit you hard, put you away wet, and then NEVER CALL. don't you feel USED?

It is obvious from your blog (and trust me I can tell) that you don't do it for the hits.

I remember in college telling my dad that I wanted to be a writer. He said to me, "Well, don't forget dear, you are easily amused."

I remember thinking, "yeah but isn't that the point?"

Keep amusing yourself and they will come. Then they'll sleep on the dry spot, and you'll wake up alone... It's so unfair....


  1. Nicely put, Blue Gal!


  2. Yes, BG, very nicely put. I've had a couple of 600+ and 400+ days, but they are few and far between (usually). Good thing I do this mostly for me!


  3. yeah, I've had a couple of those mornings after. Otherwise an excellent day for me is anything approaching 20 hits. Had one HELL of a week this week with TWO days in the 20s !!!!!

  4. Fnck-o-dear, almost hit THIRTY yesterday. WOW

    I'm sure I'm missing the point here

  5. I'm saving myself until the right stats come along.


  6. Anonymous11:05 AM

    We'll always, always sleep in the wet spot for you, sweetheart. Even if you are old enough to be our mother and/or possibly grandmother. We just roll that way.

    Thank you for talking about us out in the open, even if you are just shilling for your sexy bloggy panties.


    The Boys

  7. Oh how we bloggers love to be used.

    Can I take these panties off my head now?

  8. wow two sex(y) bloggers commenting on one post! I gotta sleep on the wet spot more often!

    Honored by the visit, Figleaf and M Yu, and the rest of you, too. xo

  9. Well,
    you ARE the Mighty Aphrodite of Prog Blogs!

  10. BG, there are times I love you. =)


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