Tuesday, September 23

A friend writes...

…being a longtime reader of your blog, incidentally AND delightedly, I would just like to express a simple thanks. ...You seem remarkably restrained in your indictment of the thugs and their bête noire Palin. It’s difficult to remember a time when I, and others, I’m sure, have been more insulted.

I just think there's a difference between being outraged and insulted, and being impressed. Sure, Bushco has been the Worst. Presidency. Ever. and I'm concerning myself with ways I can help to undo what has been done.

But there's no point in allowing our "concerns" to rob us of our peace. I think we sometimes enshrine our own emotional reactions to wrong, and it blocks us from doing what we can to change things.

Remember ma hunnies, one can be enraged over the dead children (this scene from Henry V shows a war crime, the murder of servant boys on the field of battle)...

...and yet not know the day is ours: "Praised be God, and not our strength for it."

And I hope you watched to the end, when even the victorious King himself is reminded that he is no more than a leek-wearing Welshman. And that his honesty is his most important quality.

"God keep me so."

Stay strong, stay focussed, stay humble, fight on.


  1. Wow- that clip... somewhat speechless.

    We must stay focused now more than ever.

    Today I drove to Boston and had ample (3 hours each way) opportunity to listen to our local NPR station and their fund drive. We have an outstanding station - the guy who runs it routinely criticizes NPR and is dedicated to truth and information in a most determined way.

    The current administration has very little interest in information and you. The Old Man and the Alaskan Taliban have less interest in it. Be aware.

    It really makes you think a lot about how we must press on and not get to lost in 10 pounds of shite in a 9 pound bag that is those 2 from the GOP.

    The Dems have their faults, many of them - but they are what we have now and we must win.

    Great post my sister!

  2. fran, you drove right by me... I'm devastated!

    (j/k, I know you're busy.)

    'Gal, I had an interesting conversation with a Woman Warrior at our weekly Peace Vigil on the Greenfield common. She's gone from being a fearsome Brawler for Good to being a committed pacifist in pursuit of truth, trading her sword for warm robes to swaddle her ideological opponents in.

    Her motto is, "Our Love is Stronger than Your Fear."

    I respect that about her, and admire the same qualities in you.

    Namaste, my Friend.

  3. Thanks to the wise friend, Blue Gal. My surname, Rice, comes from Wales. One shall "Stay strong, stay focussed, stay humble, fight on."


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