Thursday, September 11

Quote of the day...

From the latest issue of Esquire (and no I didn't get the flashing cover in the mail):

video from Techspank (stop it you're making me hot). Esquire is embracing the whole tech thing, witness next month they publish an article edited via Wiki.

Anyhow I go to Esquire for the writing thankyouverymuch and this quote from an ex-Google employee (article not online, but it was fun to search for the word "google" on their search engine), who is now in charge of his own start-up, jumped out at me. Just sayin':

"I discriminate against white people," Ullah tells me one afternoon. "You should know that. I do. I also discriminate against brown people. The discrimination is subtly different. With the white guy, I know he's stupid. Whereas with the brown guy, he better be fucking brilliant. So I'll take the meeting with the brown guy, because I want to give him the benefit of the doubt. I will never give the benefit of the doubt to the white guy. But the bar is lower for the white guy, much higher for the brown guy. It's weird. It's this weird off-diagonal thing."

"This is great PR for the firm," [his partner] says softly from his desk.


  1. UUUUAAAAAuuuuuuuu

    Great blog. Good post. Comming back...

    I´m TC and my fans call me TC


  2. Anonymous5:20 PM

    And therein lies what is so fucked up about Silicon Valley.

    Trust me on this...I live here.

  3. Does that mean I now have to save my Esquires 'till Hazardous Waste Pickup Day?


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