Monday, September 1

From a comment I left elsewhere which may or may not be moderated.

I had to leave this at another woman's blog. I can't link to her because I don't know if she's going to post the comment or not. Every woman humorist has a hard enough time of it without some anonymous coward lecturing her.

Dear Anon at 2:21 pm:

If one more anonymous non-blogger lectures a satirist on how it's their job to elevate the debate and defeat John McCain with their feminist gravitas, I'm going to puke.

Get your own fucking blog, link to yourself in comments, and show us all how it's done. We'll read you once and then ignore you, but at least we won't think of you as a lecturing harpy with more talk than walk.

Update: She ran it. Update 2: OMG Chez is a guy. My statement stands unedited.

Do I seem stressed to you? Maybe I'll just go do some yoga.


  1. That wasn't another woman's blog. It belongs to Chez Pazienza, the male "American Morning" producer that CNN fired in February because they didn't like this in his blog profile:

    "I'd love for somebody to properly explain to me why America hasn't deported Bush, Cheney and around 73% of Congress, Hollywood hasn't stopped trying to convince me that Sarah Jessica Parker is attractive, gullible soccer moms haven't realized that they share absolutely no kinship with Oprah, and Fox canceled Firefly."

    In addition to that, he was also right that you rule.

  2. Is it the anonymity? The non-blogginess? Or the "those who do, do" concern? I'm trying to figure out what your problem is.

    Because I've only read Maureen Dowd and a few other blogs and I'm already tired of the sexism from women... (not that this particular blog was an example of said sexism, but it's still annoyingly distracting from, um, the issues at hand, of which there are plenty).

  3. oh that's so funny that I thought Chez was a woman...I am so out of it.

    Don't let it bug you CK I don't know which bugbite is the itchiest sometimes.

    But I am going to start a fund to get Maureen Dowd some sex toys. She needs 'em.

  4. I will add, CK, that the anonymity is the big issue. BAC lectures me on my sexism all the time. But she also has her own well-attended-to blog so she has street cred to tell me whatever and I know where to go to defend myself.

  5. BG I apologize for what sounded like a "lecture." I think maybe we both should go to yoga together! You know I love you dearly ... so please do feel free to come let me have it at Yikes!


    ps: And for the record, I hate it when someone posts as anonymous ... just as I used to hate the anti-abortion crowd that would call my home when I lived in Florida and threat my life. Hey, I went on television to defend my position, and you can't leave your fucking name?? Okay ... yoga time ...

  6. Anonymous9:55 PM

    I laughed at this pretty hard since I spent a good portion of my day being lectured to.

  7. i'm just wondering if i try that pose will i be stuck like that for life?

    it may make typing more difficult doncha think?? ; )

  8. WTF is with that yoga pose, is she singing "YMCA" in Cyrillic. (yes I know Cyrillic is not a language, but I like the way the word sounds.)


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