Sunday, September 14

Go say hi Just Indignation, a brand new blog and the latest addition to the BG blogroll.

Mr. Ed is a great photographer and has an actual blogpost up about Joe Biden. You remember HIM, doncha?

The real story
, folks, is that McCain's crowds would fit in my teeny tiny house were it not for her. They have to travel together. He needs her for the draw, and she needs him so she'll be able to continue to lie about the Bridge to Nowhere with a straight face.


  1. Anonymous4:50 PM

    The trouble is, Republicans know how to do symbols and Democrats keep on taking the high road and being honorable. I'm hoping that voters will not be swayed by all the Republican hype about SP--but this is real scary.

  2. they are terrific liars. there are people that need the lie to carry on as if everything's fine.

    i want obama to use this awful bank mess to get back on track.


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