Monday, September 22

I guess there's something offensive about coat-hangers in Brownsville, Texas?

About the Sarah Palin/wiring post here:

Oh. Maybe it was the word "creative" in the title? I didn't mean any disrespect to God in the opening of Genesis, Brownsville. But welcome to my blog, I noticed it was your first visit here. It would have to be.


  1. i thought you were very restrained.

    i've seen an old photo of a woman naked and dead kneeling on the floor of her room. so, i think yours was just dandy.

    back alley or self induced abortions are not "pretty" to look at. i think people need to see the women. if i can have pictures of aborted fetus's thrust at me from billboards and roadsides and on tv, then people NEED to see their daughters and sisters and wives and mothers after a botched back alley abortion!

  2. Oh, brother! Wotta maroon.

  3. Denial can be comforting, but it won't make anything go away (with the possible exception of the time available to actually do anything).
    In other words, if you don't like the symbolic images on your screen may I then humbly suggest you examine the actual issue to see if it fits your sensibilities better. If it does not, you could think it through to see if there might be something you could do about it. Just sayin'...

    -Doug in Oakland

  4. The thing that was offensive was the truth part.

  5. Anonymous6:35 PM

    Perhaps "Anonymous" should be flagged for leaving bad tasting and dimwitted comments.

    sherry is exactly right. The millions of women who have had abortions might as well be invisible.
    The issue is that Palin wants Roe overturned, it is as stunningly simple as that.

  6. Anonymous10:22 PM

    In bad taste? No. Unpleasant? Yes, but frankly reality is not always pleasant. The reality is that infringement on the right to choose would revive the practice of dangerous and illegal abortions by sleazy, unlicensed "doctors".

    But I'm probably preaching to the choir.


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