Sunday, March 5

2+2=5, or, If You're Katie O'Bierne, Pick A Number...


Overheard on Hardball, hat tip Busy Busy Busy:

O'Beirne: I'll tell you this. Among the president's staunchest supports, the 36 or pick a number, 40% who support George Bush, they like Dick Cheney. He is very popular on the part of the president's staunchest defenders and supporters who have hung in with the president through thick and thin.

Matthews: I think you're right, among the 30% or 30 plus, it's the 29% in this poll, who really love the president, they are 100% for Cheney. I think you're probably right.

O'Beirne: Exactly.

I like Bob Harris's take on the statistics better:

Bush at 34 percent approval. Cheney now at 18.

Bush's approval number is now level with people who think rock and roll has been bad for America.

Cheney is now only eight points ahead of the willingness to eat a rat on a reality TV show.


  1. Anonymous5:11 PM

    When your numbers are in the toilet, yeah, pick a number looks pretty good.

  2. Bigger question: why does anybody give a rodent's rear about what K.O'B. has to say about ANYTHING?

    (Man, that is the HARDEST word verifier I have ever seen, anywhere...)

  3. i think the whole of the republican party and a fair amount of democrats are living in oz with the scarecrow!

  4. I'd like Dick a whole lot better if HE'D eat a rat on television.

    I love food shows, don't you?

  5. Cheney is also LOSING by about 6 points to those who gave O.J. a favorable rating during his murder trial.


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