Sunday, March 5

Love and welcome to Crooks and Liars readers


Hi kids, and welcome. For the next few days, I'm turning off the anonymous comments ban so new readers don't have to register to comment.

Mike at Mike's Blog Roundup is about the most wonderful there is.

Stay a spell, then be sure to vote for C&L at the Koufax awards.


  1. Anonymous12:42 PM

    Oooh, you've been noticed by C&L?? I'm so jealous! Congratulations!

  2. Well, not unless you write to Mike, which I have several times. I think he's sick and tired of me.

    So, how many hits did you get, Fran? I'll bet it was at least a coupla thou. I got about 3000 the last time he'd linked to me.


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