Friday, March 24

Cause for rejoicing!!!


The staff of Sojourners rejoices at the news that Jim Loney, Harmeet Sooden, and Norman Kember - members of Christian Peacemaker Teams who have been held captive in Iraq for nearly four months - have been released today.

We also now enter fully into our grief for fourth team member Tom Fox, who was found dead near Baghdad on March 10.

As we celebrate the release of our brothers and pray for their return to health and life, we pledge to continue working on behalf of the unnamed tens of thousands of Iraqi dead, disappeared, detained, and tortured. Christ is present in their suffering (Matthew 25).

- The Editors

Jill, we've got our lamps lit, and we love you.


  1. Isn't amazing how, the older she gets, the more blue gal looksa like Angelina Jolie?

  2. Have been also doing on going thoughts on Jill Carrol. Yet there is rarely news about her.

    Keep up the good work?

  3. You do seem to have an errie similiarity to AJ. Isn't she the lucky one!

    I'll be sure to light a candle for Jill.

  4. Anonymous10:11 PM

    Hi, Blue Gal. You might have read this one, before, but maybe not.


    This is a poem made up entirely of actual quotations
    from George W. Bush, arranged for "aesthetic" purposes by Washington Post writer Richard Thompson. A testament to literacy in the age of Every Child Left Behind!


    I think we all agree, the past is over.
    This is still a dangerous world.
    It's a world of madmen and uncertainty
    And potential mental losses.

    Rarely is the question asked
    Is our children learning?
    Will the highways of the Internet
    Become more few?

    How many hands have I shaked?
    They misunderestimate me.
    I am a pitbull on the pantleg of opportunity.
    I know that the human being
    And the fish can coexist.
    Families is where our nation finds hope,
    Where our wings take dream.

    Put food on your family!
    Knock down the tollbooth!Vulcani


  5. They grow closer together each passing day
    You know the vine I mean
    The knitting of nature, green
    Canopy aloft with life
    Even when its not
    They tussle together like schoolchildren
    Holding tight the other's hand
    Moving `cross the ground, trees
    Weaving a needlepoint of intricacy
    Tapping into new little worlds
    Breathing time into tiny planets
    The labor is far from over
    Heavens hold lips in wait

  6. OH I HAVE THE BEST READERS IN THE BLOGOSPHERE. You guys keep Blue Gal going even when she's outta town!

    Kisses on all of ya, whereever you wanna put 'em.


    (No visuals, please)



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