Friday, March 10

God is NOT dead, I just bought His condo!

crucifixion real estate

News item: Thirty-Second Street Baptist Church in the Lakeview area of Birmingham, Alabama is being converted into upscale condominiums starting in the $200's.

Christy Holz, a realtor/developer on the project, says, “If this becomes your home, you can fall asleep in church and not feel guilty.” In fact, each loft will become a “Room with a Pew” as each owner will receive a church pew salvaged before demolition.

Christy honey, if you read this blog regularly, you'd know I don't offend easily. But then you open your ad for this church/condo conversion with, "Want to witness a second coming?" Well, no, but there's a real estate agent I sure would like to see nailed to a tree.

And just in case you think this whole thing is quirky, a Google search of "church converted into condos" yields, oh, 860,000 hits. And those church burning college kids thought they were being funny.


  1. Well, sure. There's that really cool building in Boston on Mass Ave at the corner of Beacon, just before the Smoot Bridge (Graham Gund, I think) and there's a converted synagogue pretty close to my house.

    And we mustn't forget a certain church in Housatonic Mass, where a lady named Alice lived...

  2. Up here in the pseudo-midwest we have a pizza parlor that used to be a church. Impishly enough, it's called "Joe Balogna's."

    Not proud of those church-burning yahoos from my alma mater....ugh.

  3. That's just plain old-fashioned tacky!


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