Thursday, March 30

An unplanned bloggity blog roundup

This is totally unplanned. I am working today, sitting in an empty room with nothing to do and getting paid for it. No I do not work for GM. I have internet access, but my web-based email is blocked, as well as access to flikr, so no panties today, sorry.

But I can still read Figleaf if I want to, not to mention order a dvd of Fired Up Naughty Catholic Schoolgirls Volume Seven. Go figure.

So I'm using the time to good effect by catching up on the blogosphere. If you are similarly time blessed here's some places to visit:

Anne Lamott is calling for a revolution. Pencil it in. July 14. And look at the damn ad in order to read the whole article. It won't kill you. (hat tip: Big Monkey, Helpy Chalk)

Yes, we all heart Madeline Albright. After all, she's a knitter. (courtesy of Hitched to Everything).

Homo Insapiens helps Rummy and Karen Hughes with their agitprop. Only his writing is better.

The next don't sugarcoat it award goes to ITMFA. What a lovely idea, and just in time for spring!

You can own the original cartoon with Bill Napoli's personal phone numbers on it.

Bibliophiles, this is cool. I'll have a random book from my bookshelf widget on the sidebar later today. Done, check it out. Douglas, you're gonna love it, you're gonna pimp it. (another hat tip to Big Monkey, Helpy Chalk)

Did I say no panties today? Oops.


  1. Anonymous12:09 AM

    That panty link . . . damn, BG. Damn.

    Eye cringe.

  2. Eeew. Denim man-panties!

  3. I don't know what's more terrifying, Blue Gal.

    The fact that such products exist, or that you're commie prevert enough to keep posting them.


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