Wednesday, March 15

Safe for work? Congratulations, you are fired.

yeah, but do they make a diabetic version?

There's a lot of source material on the internet on the subject of sex. Have you noticed? And if you think Blue Gal is obscene, well, you haven't googled enough panties yet. From "Dirty Debutantes Volume 66"** to the reference in the popular press of Joe Lieberman as a "Democrat," we are living in obscene times.

This photo montage asks, and answers, "Why does Bush act so macho?"

Figleaf has his own primer on The Most Important Discovery Man Can Make.

But hey, some of my readers are too old-fashioned for Figleaf. I understand. This will take you back to fonder, more innocent days, I promise.

But if Figleaf is too tame for you, go over to One Good Move for one of the funniest dirty European commercials I've ever seen.

Finally an excellent, must-read post on self-esteem for women by the latest addition to the sidebar, Granny Gets a Vibrator. Granny, you rock.

**Oh look it up your own self. Lazy pervert.


  1. Anonymous10:01 PM

    The find-the-clitoris post reminds me of a phone conversation I had with GFv1.0 when I was in med school (several years after we'd broken up and subsequently became friends). I was telling her about a med student who kept sticking a foley catheter up the woman's vagina because he didn't know how to find the urethra. I accused him (rather unkindly, since I was right) of being a virgin.

    GFv1.0's comment: Some men never learn.

  2. re "Why does Bush act so macho?" may be answered by emphasizing the operative word 'act.' If the boy had a pair or a brain he would have quit while ahead.

    Americans will be hated for generations.


  3. Anonymous6:14 AM

    Wow. Granny does rock. And where did you find the audio on menstruation? I think my mom musta watched that at some point. I was scarred for life.

  4. Great post! I laughed my ass off at the bush/macho thing. I might have to steal that one from you. HILARIOUS!

  5. Very funny indeed! Way to go BlueGal!

  6. Excellent post! Granny does indeed rock.

  7. Granny Gets a Vibrator has been revived at

    Trudi Evans
    As We Are

    ps - great blog!!


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