Wednesday, March 1

Uh, sorry Anne, his karma's in the shop...

another one from the talented Seeds of Doubt.

Hadn't the men in the White House ever heard of the word karma?

Anne Lamott, Plan B: Further Thoughts on Faith

First of all, I love that Anne Lamott has to begin her second book on faith with a purgation of her hatred of George W. Bush and his administration. Get it out, sister. We all need that kind of cleansing, in preparation for Lent or not.

I'm listening to Anne read this book on CD rather than reading it. I love reading, but with spiritual books I'd rather hear the author speak it...maybe it's the sermonizer in me but it's more real to me that way.

She's as good as she was in the first book, Travelling Mercies. This one more about aging...and all these women who are writing these kind of memoirs are just a little teensie weentsie tiny bit older than me so I can comfortably observe their lessons from a distance. I notice the moisturizer always goes between the eyebrows first these days, though.

Frankly, Anne, I think the guys in the White House are learning about Karma first hand. The Cheney shooting is better than fiction, Douglas's foresight notwithstanding, and this portgate thang came outta nowhere. And even those of us who don't have a problem with it either can't or won't come to their defense. As I've said on other blogs, Dubai as much ports as they want, but Republican versus Republican is still my favorite pizza.

In addition to the funny image above, there's a great karma/Bush image from Distressed American (quite talented) here.

Memo to Douglas: I've joined the Bitches.


  1. Hmmm - "Repubican v Republican Pizza"

    Nevah ordered that one...should put it on my Speed Dial, right between the Thought Police and the Fashion Police buttons.

    YUMMIE - I bets with all the Toppings!


  2. 34% approval rating!


    *wipes tears from eyes*

    Question. Was Carter's ever this low, back in the days of Iranian hostages, skyrocking interest rates, and killer rabbits?

  3. Yippee! Dem bitches are gonna love ya, Fran, I promise.

    That photoshop jpg reminds me of Eddie Albert in Green Acres. I think it's the befuddled expression.

  4. I love Anne LaMott! Have you read Operating Instructions?

    I bought her new book last year, and one of our dogs immediately ate it, so I think I'll join you in listening to it.

  5. Follow up.

    I've answered my own question. The approval rating Carter had in the last year of his term was around 32%.

    And if you read the news today, you'll find that the lowest ever in recorded history is 27.5% which was in Nixon's last six months of office.

    The transition times are always the scariest and the most awkward. And that's what we're in now.

    I need to dip back into history to give you an example. After the Civil War--in the Republican controlled congress, there was a phrase called "Waving the bloody shirt/flag".

    In other words, efforts towards reform were stymied for decades after the war because all the Republican party had to do was merely MENTION the injustices of the Civil War--and it would get its way.

    It is, in my opinion, what the current administration has done with its constant invocation of 9/11, 9/11, 9/11. As though 9/11 is some sort of trump card that only Republicans own.

    And, as we've seen recently, people are beginning to see the light.


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