Saturday, March 4

And while you're getting over
the whole "Clay Aitken is gay" thing

GAAAAAAH! Well, at least it's unforgettable.

My friend Robertik has started a free forum where you can comment on Oscar fashions. If you love stars, snark, silk, and sunglasses, do join and comment. It's free.


  1. Where did she get the dress?

    Did Cheney shoot it?

    Probably mistook it for a quail.


  2. But she's just so damn cute.

  3. Yeah, Bjork can get away with that "dress" because she's such a cute little banshee.

  4. I love Bjork. Loooooove her. If she wants to wear a porcupine, I say let her. That swan getup was so her, I don't see how anyone could snark on it. I suspect she was intentionally wearing something outrageous to provoke the fashionazis.

  5. Well, Dr. Hoffman, if you're well enough to lust after Bjork in that dress, I guess you're feeling better.

    (I'm glad to hear it.)

  6. That dead swan dress was absolutely the best fashion moment EVER in the history of the world.

    I'm very sure about this.


    I've been lusting after a dead swan dress ever since, but I won't look anywhere near as good in it.

    And you don't want to distract from dead swans. No, you want to allow the dead swan to speak for itself.

    Yep. No point in watching the Oscars anymore, ever, cause the dead swan's come and gone.

  7. While I wouldn't wear the swan dress myself (NOT that there's anything WRONG with it), I agree with anne. That dress was awesome.

    Where have all the dead swans gone?


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