Sunday, March 19

So you loved the Bjork Oscar dress, huh?

Oh, go knit the matching purse. I'll wait.

Captain Dyke
gave me a Blue Angelina for my blog. Well, Captain Dyke's not really a Captain, ya know. She's a goddess.

This is good, 'cause I really look more like Angelina than that blonde wench I had up there before. You're gonna think that's terribly vain, comparing myself with Angelina (hottest soul mama on the planet), but you won't when I tell you what happened when I bumped into Brad Pitt the other day at Chick-fil-a. He looked down at me and said "God Angie, howdya get so fat so fast?"

"It's that Bridget Jones milkshake diet darling. I'm bulking out for Raging Bull II." Then I kicked him in the balls. Hard. It was a good day.

BTW I love the blogger who called Lucky Charms the official cereal of spring break. I've got Trix all over my floor, and that's not a sex blog thang.

By the way of proving my feminista credentials, I hereby dub my husband Mr. Blue Gal. He shall be so named in this blog from now on. Mr. Blue Gal is on his way to Italy to fulfill a lifelong dream of seeing La Scala. My present is, I don't have to go. Trans-Atlantic travel totally wipes me out.

This week in Blue Gal: the Alabama angle on panties, or lack thereof (you're gonna love it).

Made you laugh! click it to order one.


  1. Anonymous10:47 PM

    (1) Love the Angelina;
    (2) Love the button;
    (3) Love the link you sent -- and I blogwhored it over at my place. Come see.

  2. What a great button.

    Angelina does nothing for me. Oh. I've asked her... :>/

  3. Anonymous10:08 AM

    "Mr. Blue Gal is on his way to Italy to fulfill a lifelong dream of seeing La Scala.
    My present is, I don't have to go."

    So, is Mr. Blue Gal going to attend a performance? What's he going to see?

    Love the button about God, and the commando gubernatorial candidate post.
    My first visit here. Bookmarked for the future.

  4. Thanks for visiting Christopher. Admire your work (Christopher works for ActBlue, folks). Yeah, Mr. Blue Gal will see two performances, one "modern" and one not. For the not I think it's Lucia di Lammermoor. He is quite old, er, I mean, old fashioned, does not like supertitles and is hoping if there are any they are in Italian so he does not have to read them.

  5. Anonymous6:05 PM

    You look absolutely fabulous, darlink! What a beautiful baby we've made...

  6. anyone who kicks balls is on my side LOL ... ya man i totally love bjorks dress .. i have no idea why people dont dig her ... she is so brilliant - we must be buddies now


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