Monday, March 27

More fuel for commie mommys...

click on it to order, kids

My drive back from Gainesville was fueled by Citgo Gas, bad coffee (I guess having politically correct gas stations sell politically incorrect coffee is counterindicated), and, God bless 'em, Billy Bragg. Billy was on Studio 360 yesterday, and you can listen to the show this week only here.

And how 'bout downloading Bush War Blues for free? Spread the word, ma hunnies.

Had a nice visit with Aunt and Uncle, who love my kids in spite of the fact that their mommy is a commie. We don't talk politics, and that's sometimes a Good Thing, lefty bloggers.

So I open up the NYFT Book Review from yesterday and there's this quote from "Take It Back: Our Party, Our Country, Our Future" by James Carville and Paul Begala:

"The pro-choice movement has lost the debate over late-term abortion," they write. "You may like it, you may not, but it's real. And it's settled. Pro-choice Democrats should deal with that reality and stop losing elections over an issue they've already lost."

Granted. But my hope is that we're entering an age, please God, within the next decade, where the pro-life wingnuts will have to admit the same thing about Roe. Let's hack off the extremists on both sides of this issue and get real.

Once again, Loretta Nall is shaking things up over this one here in Alabama. Go, girl. And here's hoping our State Senator Hank Irwin, who wants to make sure Alabama is just as family friendly as South Dakota? is the next target for a Smart Bitches Google Bomb, or mebbe an Asshat award from Jurassic.


  1. I. Must. Have. That. Button.

    Thanks for the Billy stuff. Tunes downloaded, working on the podcast thingy.

  2. Oh lawdy I'm with you on the political discussions with family members. My fiancees entire family are extremely conservative. Her dad and I enjoy sitting around jawing about politics, but we have to keep it to ourselves because the rest of the family get very riled up when they hear liberal arguments.

  3. Thanks for the link, bluggal, but I give out Assclown awards, ten a t a time per week, sometimes 15. You must be thinking of someone else.

    Man, when I think of my wife's family. The older egeneration lived under Nazi occupation in Denmark. Fast-foward 60 years later and now they're emailing my wife shit from Ken Mehlman. I'm not kidding about that. My wife forwarded to me something from Mehlman that she got from her wife. She thought I'd get a good chuckle out of that. It wound up on Generik's email newsletter.

    You'd think that, after being occupied by the fucking Nazis, warning bells would go off. But no...

  4. From her aunt I meant to say. I'm not that liberal. (Still, it makes me think...)

  5. My bad, Jurassic. I read em every week but I guess I mentally skipped the name and get to the juicy bits.

    Yeah, my aunt is so wonderful we just can't discuss politics so we don't. Works well. There are more important things, it's just when I'm blogging I can't think what they are...

  6. Also loving the button.


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