Tuesday, March 14

Panties in the News!!!

Proof that Russ Feingold did get Republican panties in a wad yesterday.
Who threw in the purple bra? Leave your theories in comments, folks.

Oh the humanity, PETA is at it again: SFGate's Crotchless Panties of Doom...

And in a related story, someone stole all the Victoria's Secret panties in Westlake, Ohio. I hold PETA responsible.

'Course, by now you know that Victoria's real Secret is she's a Republican.

This image found at the Mound of Blue Dykes, a blog that recently lost all its content. Hope you're back soon, babes.

A hat tip toYoga Korunta for the Ohio story.


  1. I think the purple bra belongs to "Fancy" the-feel-of-this-lace-next-to-my-skin-proves-I'm-not-a-robot Frist.

  2. That is one of the scariest pics I've had the pleasure of espying. No! Not the panties pic the other one! :>) In the Name of God

  3. If it weren't for Russ, I'd have to hang my head in shame over the horrible acts emanating from the Wisconsin legislature these days. Show him some love, why dont'cha at russ_feingold@feingold.senate.gov
    and damnit, BlueGal, send back my bra!

  4. Anonymous12:30 PM

    I thought the pile of panties was a hat. A hat I'd wear, actually.

  5. Hey Bluegal,
    Perhaps this might help in the unwadding These Our Distended Days

  6. I gave that bra to the Goodwill ages ago. What's it doing in a Republican panty raid?

  7. the purple bra, sozzy? I had one just like it. We all had that purple bra it turns out.

  8. Blue Gal,

    Thanks so much for the beautiful prayer you left on my blog for Tom Fox.

    Let's pray and send good wishes to all the captives in harm's way. Jill Carroll, Norman Kember, Harmeet Sooden, and James Loney.

    Norman Kember's family feels that he will be the next to be killed because he is British. He is 74 years old. He has been abused, as the videos show. He is barely able to stand up straight.

    Also, please send your good thoughts to the three women Peacemakers who have refused to leave Iraq, despite immense pressure from the US to do so.

    They live among the Iraqis, despite the attempts of the US to force them into "secure" areas and monitor their movements.

    They explain that they do not want to die or be taken hostage or die, but they will stay as long as their presence is "more help than harm."

    They ask that their pictures not be printed, for reasons of security. Other than that they depend on the trust they have established with the Iraqis to protect them. They do not believe in violence.

    They are Anita David age 60, Maxine Nash age 43, and Peggy Gish age 63.

    Please keep them in your thoughts. Now that Iraq has descended into chaos we need Peacekeepers more than ever.


  9. "...a blog that recently lost all its content..."

    Sound like those Vicious Attack Internets (again). They ate our blog (and me homework) on more than one occasion...any chance "Greymatter" is involved?

    [Gryematter just *hates* me and ME.]

    I usually prescribe PIE. Distracts them Vicious Attack Internets. (Grrrr...Grrrr.... Good Doggies!)


  10. Hedgehog with your permission I'll turn that comment into a post later this week. Thanks.

  11. Every time I put any GOP-ster into those purple panties, I feel the urge to lose what's left of my lunch.... :)

    I'm sticking with my first instinct, however, in saying that the panties belong to one certain McCain... Feingold's good "buddy" - turns out legislation isn't the ONLY thing they "co-sponsored." ;)

  12. Blue Gal, are you single?

  13. You have my permission, Blue Gal. ;)

    Basically anything I put on your blog is yours to use as you please, and I know you'll use it well. ;)


  14. Anonymous9:44 PM

    We've just redirected the good pirate ship 'Mound of Blue Dykes' to Wordpress.com, as the 'Blogger' Monster kept eating our posts--and taking the best women when we boarded ships for booty. Thank you for the hat tip, Blue Gal. You're a 'Mound of Blue Dykes' Shipmate now. ;)


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