Friday, March 10

Jill Carroll. Again.

Link: Bloggers distribute 'net video calling for Jill Carroll's release

Don't sugarcoat it award first, to Stephen Benson who left this lovely comment over at jurassicpork:

ok jp, hell, i even stifled my gag reflex, wrote the bastard in the white house and didn't even cuss him for the pinhead cocksucking shitstain cowardly fratboy drunk ass turd that he is. same goes for condi. in my little missive to the dickface in chief i pointed out that the negotiating with terrorists lie won't work because he's already made enough blunders in iraq that one more just won't matter. keep the faith as adam clayton powell used to say.

Yeah, I know I want to keep the atmosphere surrounding Jill Carroll pure. I'm just getting a little pissed that this is taking so long and that msm is happy to rehash the kidnapping of a pretty blonde vacationer in Haiti but leaves this one alone 'cause there's no new video.

The liberal blogospherians (I was inspired by Walnut) who care are adding Jill to their sidebars this weekend. Until she is released. If you need help doing this, leave a comment below and I will help you. Bloggers, you are the best, and you have just run out of excuses.

Jill is much more deserving to be the darling of the liberal blogosphere than Chuck Pennachio or Paul Hackett. We are actually unworthy of her. Pray, write, post.

And Jill, when you're out and able to read this, we loved you then and love you now. Keep the faith and keep believing in the Iraqi people.

Update: I can't put the code in as text or it will just bring up the picture, but the code looks like this. Type this into your sidebar.

jill code


  1. Anonymous2:21 PM

    I posted a diary at Daily Kos today, too. If you and some of your Kossack readers could recommend it, maybe we could get a bit of attention over there, too. Thanks.

  2. Put up a post, as usual. Don't know how to sidebar - anything. Will do this for help. Thanks.

  3. Just paste the code in the sidebar?

  4. Tom Fox, one of the four Christian Peacemakers has been murdered. He was a Quaker and the lone American of the four being held. They were the original forgotten men.

    His death was announced Friday night right after we had finished profiling the Peacemakers on our blog. We put up a second post to reflect the loss of Tom Fox.

    There is more information on Tom Fox's death from the "Free The Captives" blog. This is a blog put up by two personal friends of Tom Fox to benefit all four of the Peacemakers. They cite Agence France Press as their source.

    Tom Fox's body was first discovered at 5:00 PM, Iraqi time, on Thursday, March 9, 2006. This would be 6:00 AM PST on Thursday. His body had been stuffed in a plastic bag and thrown into a vacant lot near a dump in the al-Mansour district of Baghdad. This is one of the nicer areas of the city.

    He was wearing a track suit, and had been shot in the head and chest. His back showed signs of having been beaten. His body was discovered by Iraqi police.

    CBS radio news added to the story by saying that the FBI was notified at once by the Iraqis and came to take custody of his body. This was still Thursday afternoon.

    George W. Bush and his advisors chose not to release this information until 6:00 PM PST on Friday, March 10, 2005, thirty-six hours later.

    In keeping with his tradition of not giving a damn about anyone else, George Bush has not commented on Tom Fox's death or expressed any public condolences of any kind.

    His public remarks have been reserved for expressing his sympathy for yet another of his corrupt aides. This one was caught stealing merchandise and defrauding local department stores.

    Once again, President Bush has made all of America proud.

    God help the other hostages.


  5. Coverage in the Australian media? Near to none if any at all. I'll add that code to my sidebar now.

  6. Thanks for posting the code, Blue Gal. It took some tweaking [WordPress is weird about HTML in their templates unless you have a separate webhost] but I got Jill's picture up.

    Which proves, I might add, that there are still miracles in the world!

    I'm praying for another one where she comes home safely. Thanks again.

  7. Fooey...I tried this, but it refused to show the picture (either typed or cut and pasted intot my template) - it must be that different Blogger templates sidebar boxes respond differently.

    This also happened with my Neko-Kitty whom could not get to *appear* in the sidebar box, but showed up in the Header box. And DRAT being a techie-dweeb - tis a mystery to me WHY.

    But Jill and all the hostages are in my thoughts and NOT Forgotten (even absent a picture.)


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