Tuesday, March 21

Don't Sugarcoat It Award for March 21


Today's Don't Sugarcoat It Award goes to Sappho Manifesto. If you read Blue Gal, you probably have her blogrolled, or else. But this post, with its well-timed and elegant bitch slap, is deserving of praise, accolades, and notice. Sappho makes the long overdue observation about our President:

Somebody needs to pull this boy's head outta his ass!

Thank you for sharing, Sappho.

BTW I suspect Russ Feingold is considering changing his last name to Goddammit after so many of us liberal bloggers have posted "Why won't the rest of the Senate get behind Russ Feingold Goddammit!"

Goddammit, Russ, we love you.


  1. erm... I don't know what you might have posted over there, but it's been deleted!!

    I am collecting pitchforks and torches if you want to gather a mob and march on him...

  2. not to worry bhfrik, honey, she'll sort it out without mob action. The award is a token of my strong admiration, that's it.

    At the risk of turning my blog into a Eschaton style chatroom, how are the wedding plans going?

  3. I am having some serious Blogger issues over at The Sappho Manifesto..sorry about comments section...trying to hash it out as we speak.
    Chill out! No need for pitchforks & torches!
    Thanks for the linky BlueGal!

  4. blogger issues? "what's that?", she asks sardonically. I am so close to doing the dance everybody's doing* I may have to take a week off.

    *the "Wordpress leap"

  5. I hear that! And my sidebar has been slammed down to the very bottom by the Blogger Ghost! I'm about ready to do the WordPress leap as well!

  6. Blue gal,
    You made me hungry with that post. Unfortunaltely for the donuts.

  7. Anonymous9:52 PM

    I just signed on to a mass letter to Dianne Feinstein asking her why she would support censure of Bill Clinton but not George Bush. Would you like me to forward it to you so you can sign on, too? Lemme know.

  8. Oh lordy... wedding plans! Actually I've left all that to my wunnerful fiance! She says "Well we are kind of rushed because we only have 2 1/2 months but things are going pretty well."

    Well actually I'm doing my part to. I have to call Fed Ex tomorrow to find out about... sending a package that has to get there overnight... or something like that. Also she is making me look at wedding dresses online an awful lot which is really cutting into my PSII time! She says in her defense she didn't take me to the shops while looking for a dress so I spose I'm off lucky.

  9. i liked the post. nice idea, those coupons, might hafta get me a few.

  10. Oh Lordy, Beege, I was forced to watch the Chimperor gibber over at the chemo infusion center yesterday, and actually had to leave the room a couple of times so as to not scream at the TV in front of sick poeple. Helen Thomas, though, just stuck it to him. It was painfully obvious that he simply couldn't answer her truthfully.

    It is also painfully obvious that part of the reason why we are in the state we're in is because Democrats refuse to stand up. Bless you, Russ. Cowboy up, Dems.


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