Thursday, March 30

The anti-war song meme

Crotchless panties with a music chip.
If they make 'em with 80's protest rock, I'm sold.

First up, let me thank Loretta Nall (for governor), Bitter Old Punk, who seems none of the three in person, and Steven Gordon for a great lunch yesterday. I really had fun. Meet with other bloggers face to face whenever you can, people. It's so worth it.

There's a meme going around about pick your favorite anti-war song and give a bit of the lyrics. Since I've had Billy Bragg on the brain (and in the minivan) all week:

Help save the youth of America
Help save the youth of the world
Help save the boys in uniform
Their mothers and their faithful girls

Listen to the voice of the soldier
Down in the killing zone
Talking about the cost of living
And the price of bringing him home

They're already shipping the body bags
Down by the Rio Grande
But you can fight for democracy at home
And not in some foreign land...

And don't forget to download Billy's Bush War Blues for free here.

PS. Wit List has a parody of Jabberwocky that absolutely rocks. Go visit.


  1. Hands down it's David Rovics' Who Would Jesus Bomb.

    You can download it (and all the rest of his music - and he rocks like Japan in an Earthquake) at his website,

  2. That was very cool.

  3. Had a great time yesterday BlueGal!! We'll have to do it again very soon.

    I am planning to organize something at Speakers Corner in the next few weeks. I'll keep you posted.

    In Liberty,
    Loretta Nall

  4. Enjoyed meeting you, Steve, and Loretta Wednesday! We should do it again. As for the anti-war-theme meme (and to prove that I am, in fact Punk As Fuck), here's my contribution:

    Big Stick, by The Minutemen

    Well over there
    in Nicaragua my friend
    we're making mistakes,
    once again!
    Uncle Sam supports
    a fascist regime
    that doesn't represent
    the people over there!

    We're told
    that we hold
    a big stick over there
    but we lie
    to ourselves
    with a big stick
    up our ass....

    This is what
    I'm singing about,
    the race war
    that America supports!
    Indians will never die,
    They'd do just fine
    if we'd let them try.

    Written, obviously, about US involvement in Latin America in the 80s, but replace "Nicaragua" with "Iraq" and "Indian" with "Arab" and you get the picture.

    Plus ca change, and all that.


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