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Panties in the News -- Alabama Edition

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This is such a great story. Bear with me.

Alabama columnist Bob Ingram recently mentioned third party gubernatorial candidate Loretta Nall. From her campaign website:

"Mrs. Nall, who casts herself as a Libertarian-leaning populist, is seeking the Libertarian Party nomination for Governor in 2006. [S]he says...her election platform...reflects traditional Alabama values.

Some of the topics Nall plans to address include drug policy and prison reform, repealing gun control laws, tax credits for private & home school families, non-compliance with the Patriot and REAL ID Acts, the Iraq War and Alabama sovereignty over the state militia, states rights, separation of state and church, fair taxes, gambling, ballot access reform, ballot initiative and referendum and bio-diesel.

Apart from the tax credits for home schoolers, Loretta Nall's platform is as far from "traditional Alabama values" as you can get. "Traditional Alabama values" are wrapped up by former Chief Justice Roy Moore, the Ten Commandments Judge. Yeah, Nall is running against him.

Anyhow, the Ingram column in one paper ran this pic of Nall:


So Ingram opens this paper to read his own column and is appalled by the photo showing Nall in possession of what can best be called "breasts." Ingram fired back in his next column:

"In 55 years of political writing, that was a first for me—-a picture in my column of a woman displaying cleavage. I can only hope that my mother...and I know for a fact where she ended in the after life...didn’t see that column. She wouldn’t have approved of that picture."

Oh, and if you're curious, here's a picture of Ingram:



So while Ingram is certain of where his mom went after she died, Nall says she is certain that before she died, Ingram's mom had cleavage. Anyhoo, Nall had a field day with this whole thing in her blog, "US Marijuana Party."

She sent a letter to Ingram and his editor (the one who picked that lovely photo). You can read the entire letter here, well worth it:

"Now that you and the rest of Alabama have been introduced to the twins perhaps you would like to meet the rest of me. I'll don my burka so y'all won't be offended and then perhaps we can discuss the other planks in my platform since you only covered one."

I love this gal. She's one of us. Definitely.

And before you think that Loretta is simply a southern version of Mary Carey, she isn't. I'm really impressed how she handled this columnist. She got him on the phone, explained her platform, got him to agree that she is more than a one-issue candidate and that he would contact her directly if he ever wrote about her again.

Even Reichminister Karl could not have done better than that.

Oh. But I have not let you in on the best part. Ever. Loretta Nall is the only candidate for Governor in Alabama who publicly admits that she does not wear panties.

Her brother is in prison for alcohol related offenses and she was not allowed to visit him because in spite of wearing pants, she was not wearing panties underneath. Going commando is apparently enough in Alabama to get you kicked outta prison. Hallelujah!

Damn. I'm sending her campaign five bucks. You can too.

Loretta Nall for Governor Campaign
4633 Pearson Chapel Rd
Alexander City, AL 35010-8211

Major league hat tip to Doctor IQ for the story...

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  1. Oh Wait...What she needs is nice Grey *school marm outfit* WITH some JUMBO Breast Implants and A Nice Chest Thrust maneuver fit for an Olympic’s Category event – a la Ms. Katherine Harris’s Gold Medal performance on Hannity & Colmes

    Or check a few other GEM images of ole Kathy via Google


  2. I LOVE this gal. Keep us in the loop on her run for governor.

    I'm linked to you today, 'cause my continued happiness requires prayerful intervention on your part.

  3. Forwarded reply from Loretta (I'd sent her a link to the dailykos crosspost

    Dear Ben,

    Thank you so much for sending this to me.
    Please let the detractors know that I am actually Atheist and I would not be "directing funds" to private religious shcools...more like letting parents who homeschool or send their kids to private school keep the portion of their tax money that goes to support public schools. If they dont use it why should they pay for it? If a parent chooses a religious private school then so be it. That is a parents choice...not the governments.

    Those who promote "government vouchers" would actually be directing public funds to private religious schools. For more on this have them check out my speech to the VFW a few months ago at this link

    As for guns....I fully support the second amendment. Alabama does actually have very good gun laws. I intend to keep it that way. People who think it is a good idea to give the government all of the guns defy all logic.

    Send my thanks to BlueGal for her post and support.

    In Liberty,
    Loretta Nall
    Vote Nall Y'all...It's Just Common Sense

  4. I met this lady a coupla' months back when she was speaking at a forum for candidates (her turn) at the Wetumpka VFW Lodge. I was impressed with her grasp and depth of knowledge about issues other politicians seem to have an allegic reaction to, her presence and presentation, and yeah,.....both boobs, too. Having had a boobie fetish since being breast-fed and having it grow more intense with each passing year, it was only supreme self-restraint on my part that prevented her from being ravished on the podium.

    Hey, I hope everyone knows that I have my tongue safely tucked in my cheek, but it does have a way of misbehaving at times. What more can anyone expect from an impotent, horney, terribly frustrated old reprobate? HUH?

  5. Surely Loretta Nall would prefer to be Ohio's Governor!

  6. I love it! It's nice to have a candidate who will speak her mind without spinning and will actually mention boobs and panties in public.

  7. What is it with conservatives and lips? Are they all so busy pursing them in disgust at some perceived liberal sin that they have effectively rendered them non-existent? Except Ken Mehlman, of course, but he may have a reason for being the exception. Ahem. Cough.

    By about 2030 we should see a dramatic drop in the burden on Social Security and, hopefully, a rush to embrace what any hetero male should instinctively know...

    Boobs are awesome.

  8. Anonymous9:00 AM

    The photo kinda makes her look like a dumb stripper, but from what I've read, she's got quite a brain under that blonde hair. Ingram looks like some scary, 1950's conservative guy who preaches hellfire and damnation while playing grabass with the choir girls. I know first impressions can be misleading, but I'd rather have a smart, hot gov rather than a stodgy, closed-minded wind-bag.

  9. Anonymous11:52 AM

    personally, i'd like to see panties in the news everyday.

  10. zedaker, you need to bookmark Blue Gal. More panties than any other news source.

  11. Re: Mary Carey: I seem to remember thatshe ran as a Democrat, not as an Independent as her bio claims.

    And Nall is far from being a southern version of Carey. At least Nall is interested in issues that don't exclusively concern a professional porn star.

  12. Anonymous3:42 PM

    In lieu of a tax credit for homeschoolers and private school kids, why not just take out the "public school money" out of their property taxes? Figure out how much they pay toward public schools, then take that amount off their property tax bill. Why not?

  13. What is it about the female breast that sends folks into a tizzy? Big deal, teh ancients never had a problem with them....

    As for her platform? Yeah! I can endorse that. My wife and I will not have kids, so why should I pay for public schools? "Because society benefits from educated youth?" Ha! When you stop trying to teach Intelligent Design and teachers are paid, hired and fired based on student performance - maybe.

    Nice post BlueGal. Keep those panties unknotted.

    Traveling Man

  14. Anonymous11:09 AM

    Hey Bluegal,

    Its Joe O. from C&L here and I just want to say that I love your blog! Keep up the great work!

    By the way, you posted a funny come back on C&L a bit ago in response to how your co-workers were looking for boobs on t.v. Well, it looks like from this article that your comment about the two boobs in the White House might not be that far off the mark. Maybe your co-workers should look to the White House for their thrills because it looks like some people are showing off their real boobs to protest the "two boobs" inside.

    Topless anti-war protest near White House

    WHITE HOUSE (AP) - Anti-Iraq-war protesters have staged a small, but eye-catching, demonstration at the White House.


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