Friday, March 3

Stay tuned this weekend...

Stay tuned and pray for Jill Carroll.

I've been working hard to surround her in my own thought with good energy. You'll notice the Jill Carroll posts are pretty much smut free, as opposed to the rest of this blog. She deserves hope, faith, and our prayers. If you get a chance, read the letters that are pouring into her newspaper in support of her release. Thanks, too, to Jurassic Pork for thinking and blogging about her with so much passion.


  1. Ever on my mind, as always. Folks do need prompting, with all the other sick sad stuff that's going on.

    Let's hope she's out by Sunday. THIS Sunday.

  2. Thanks, Fran, for mentioning Jill. As promised, the "liberal" bloggers, especially the big dogs, took the top dishonors in the latest Assclowns of the Week.


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