Friday, November 2

Anger Management

Okay deep, cleansing breath. Because we bloggers are very good at venting our anger. We rage against injustice, rant about the crimes of the current world order, and add a heigh-ho and hearty fuck you (tm) to anyone who disagrees.

It didn't help my mood, not a bit, that Halloween morning I walked into the local public school of two of my three children, to find a grown woman wearing (supposedly for Halloween, but still) a miniskirted Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz costume. It turns out every third grade teacher was dressed in a Wizard of Oz costume (my son's teacher was Glinda) but I suspect Dorothy there was the only one who got her costume clicking on a sidebar ad at some spank-my-ass chat room. But I digress.

No, what really got my goat was the editorial earlier this week in the NYFT about "Honey, I shrunk the Congress." It's a good editorial as good editorials go, arguing for the restoration of checks and balances and that Congress is EQUAL to the Executive in terms of constitutional power and well, why don't they "act as if" for a while so that maybe someday they won't feel like complete frauds for overriding a veto?

What made me raging mad was this passage:

Right now, standing up for Congress may appeal more to Democrats than Republicans. The issue of reining in presidential power is beginning to gain traction among conservatives, however, as they contemplate the possibility of a Democrat — particularly Hillary Clinton — as president.

Okay I'm so over getting angry every time I see her name in print. What ticks me off is that our Constitution, like everything else inside the greasy DC Beltway (I'll be there next weekend for a blogger meet-up, be warned) is now just one more political football that is fine for a doormat at my house but not at yours.

And then there's Mukasey and the waterboarding thing. It's not about waterboarding, but kudos to the committee members who made it about that. The ploy, which allows you Democrats to seem reasonable and prudent with your colleagues across the aisle, seems to have worked. The problem, gentlemen and a few ladies, is that those across the aisle need to be removed from office for...oh nevermind.

Here's my sense of what is called for in terms of collegiality: if Mukasey or any other suited twit wore his candy cock ring into my senate Judiciary Committee meeting and started spouting trash about the Constitutional provisions that George Bush has thought such an inconvenience, providing my committee patient assurance that, in the legal opinion of many well-regarded blind fascists, the President can legally do whatever the fuck he wants, this is the reception he'd get:

Have a nice day!


  1. oh , please, kick some ass for me while you are there, o.k?

    you rock!

  2. Anonymous8:02 AM

    Well, OK, go ahead...but only if you wear the corset and stockings.

  3. What a great post. I couldn't agree with you more. Even if I didn't have to withstand seeing that Dorothy costume in person!

    I hate to lose heart, but sometimes I really must wonder, WTF is going on?

    Let me go make some tea and read blogs... it is too early to drink. Although it has an appealing sound to it at the moment.

    Sorry I can't make it to DC to meet some of you. One day, one day.

  4. 'WTF is going on'?

    The slow-motion murder of the American dream, and the collateral reality-based underpinnings of all the attendant mythologies that walk with it.

    It's premeditated. There's malice aforethought. And the perps are right there performing it on camera for all to see.

  5. Classic post, there, Blue Gal. That woke my ass up.

  6. classic blue gal:
    "I suspect Dorothy there was the only one who got her costume clicking on a sidebar ad at some spank-my-ass chat room. But I digress."

    and once again, that is why i read you every day. thanks for the chuckles!

  7. Another instance of irony, at a base level.

    It shows the hypersexualization of this culture, for one.

    Well-meaning conservatives like you've mentioned before support the President and his band of neo-thugs, but don't think twice about a teacher who wears a revealing costume which objectifies her. Man, are we ever fucked up in this culture?

    *sings* Just accept that these things are going to happen. Everything is set in motion. It will happen anyway.

  8. Just one question, is the kicker, in the video, wearing thigh-high steel-toe boots? That kick could double as a life-time supply of birth control for the kickee.

  9. Them's some angry panties.

    What's so appalling to me is any of this stuff is even an issue. Too many Dems are gutless, but too many Republicans are just evil. It's not as if all of them don't know this is wrong. Santorum's gone now, and was crazy to be sure, but he wasn't some mistaken purist. He was very corrupt as well.

    The only thing worse than watching these idiots attack basic, sensible civil and human rights in the first place is realizing that the wrong side is winning. Really, WTF?

  10. Geezzz none of my teachers ever wore an outfit like that ... I feel so cheated.

    And yes, DC is the vortex of evil ... and eagerly awaiting your arrival!

    See you soon.

  11. Wow! Did you get Dorothy's phone number?

  12. maybe you can replace Karen Kickass Hughes

    the hypocrisy is amazing but what is more amazing is that they get away with it in red america.....

    with Schumer and Feinstein (two more MofTT) capitulating to Mukasey -- looks we got ourselves a waterboarder for AG

  13. Costume looks like the one Ms Thing wore to fulfill her _uck buddy's fantasy of her in pigtails. Yes he even took her shopping for the red high heels. A couple people fooled her into bending over to get stuff for them at our party we had last Saturday. Quite an eyefull, or in her case half an eyefull since she's so bony.

  14. Anonymous11:44 AM

    At least it wouldn't qualify as torture. Because Neander-con Republicans have no balls.

  15. And Diane Feinstein just can't help herself I suppose. She pisses me off at just about every opportunity.

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