Thursday, November 29

Department of "Hey God, I tried, I really tried."

Newsquirks, SL Weekly, also published as Strange Tales in other indie rags:

Malaysia published a guidebook for Muslims in space, ...[which] tells how to perform ablutions, determine the location of Mecca when praying, prayer times and how to fast in space. ...The first Muslim in space, Saudi Prince Sultan bin Salman, reported that, although he managed to pray and fast, he wasn’t able to face Mecca and couldn’t fully kneel on the ground.


  1. There's a Star Man waiting in the sky

    He'd like to come and meet us

    But he thinks he'd blow our minds

  2. When one is travelling at faster-than-light speeds, do the prayers reach their intended destination sooner?


  3. Anonymous8:02 PM

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  4. Anonymous8:03 PM

    Does this mean he gets the famous E for effort?

  5. Religeous ideology in space...hmmmm. That's interesting.

  6. Hmm... Perhaps porns stars might have the same difficulty. Maybe they could just curtsy while they do their work.

  7. If they sentenced Mohammed-the-Teddy-Bear-lady to death for naming the bear Mohammed, is this Prince guy in trouble now?

  8. Maybe they can face the spacious universe and worship GOD.

    Just a thought.


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