Monday, November 5

Couple quick things

The internet is a wonderful thing but sometimes it's not very "Way Opens" as we Quakers say.

We ARE having Salon tonight 9 Eastern 8 Central etc.

I tried to email a big file to a friend and the recipient's email doesn't like big files. I love big files. What gives?

The download of today's vlog is taking for EV-AH. I'll have it up asap.

So Google video says the vlog is downloaded and it doesn't appear and I cut the file in half to 12MG and it still won't go.

Time to sit back, give up, and try again tomorrow.

Blogenfreude has the flu. Go leave him some love where I cross-posted for him.

And for the love of God and all things holy do some voting today.


Lindsay Beyerstein - Majikthise over that wacky Glenn Reynolds for best individual blogger....

Crooks and Liars over Michelle Malkin for best video blog...

And Special K at the Democracy for America pulse poll. Today is the LAST day for that one.