Saturday, November 3

Saturday Song

Lie down, stretch out, and get lost in it, ma hunnies.


  1. Nice solo from Johnny Diesel, there. Thought Farnham was going to burst a vessel for a moment.

  2. i think it is: John Farnham &Jimmy Barnes (Johnny Diesel's (Mark Lizotte) brother-in-law...... and it does look like Diesel on the Les Paul..... modified with maybe seymour duncan antiquity P-90 Soapbar Pickups?

    at any rate..... these guys are bad bad bad.....

    "When Something is Wrong With My Baby" (Written by Isaac Hayes / David Porter)

    watch Diesel manhandle a Gretsch in this session.....

  3. Hard to say, GD...I'm uncertain if Seymour Duncan made Antiquity P90's in 1991, which is when they cut this cover.

    Perhaps they are Gibson P90 reissues...?

  4. could be.... there are a few other after-market P-90 Soapbars out there.... i'm trying to remember if any of the les pauls came OEM with soapbars.... i think their P-90s were all metal chrome style, but i have seen les pauls with the Soapbars before.... these sound very nice.... most of the modern humbuckers are more staccato by nature....

    yeah.... it could be that he's playing a vintage les paul: 1952-53 les paul goldtop models had a 3 piece carved top , goldtop finish , trapeze tailpiece bridge , 2 soapbar p-90 pickups with cream covers , kluson tuners , nickel plated parts , 5/8" knobs , bound top and fingerboard ( very early models had unbound fingerboards ) ,"Les Paul Model" silkscreened on peghead in gold , mahogany back and neck .

    that's the gold-top..... but it shows they used p-90 soapbars OEM.... Link

    Diesel obviously goes for the vintage sound as evidenced on that other video working the Gretsch as well.

  5. Anonymous1:57 AM

    check out harmonic design's p-90 series.

  6. Anonymous10:36 AM

    Why not feature someone who has been out of the garage since before 1972 on LNMC. See

  7. Anonymous3:00 PM

    Heh indeedy! Luvs those P90s - gimme one good 'dog-ear' and I'll howl all nite long.


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