Saturday, November 17

Saturday Song: a dedication

Dedicating this song to the lovely boys who will be setting up the hack so all those Kossacks can watch Blogher remotely. And to think I joined Mensa to meet men.

Don't forget the number 9 reason we're all supposed to go there:

That guy/girl you snogged in Chicago [last year] lives seven states over and it's time for round two.

By the way, if the one you snogged in Chicago hasn't called since last year? Chances are....

Perhaps it's needless to say, Netroots Nation top-ten writer, you can fuck me, but not in the "snogging" way. (And memo to Mister Progressive Web Copy Writer: it's not too late to go on strike. Please.)

By the way this is Blues Traveller and it's a damn good song. If you're not into anime just close your eyes and digga groove.


  1. i had never heard that song. great stuff! thanks.

  2. What is the scoop on that 'will blog 4 hottiez' mentality? I don't do this to get laid.

    And yet...Perhaps there are groups of nubile types out there who seek merely to encourage and exhort the famous and infamous of the digital playground to greater heights of data transfer, by any method necessary...Bloggies.



  3. what's the difference between markos moulitsas and karl rove?

    one is a power-hungry manipulator that influences his minions to help destroy progressive ideals, and the other is karl rove!

  4. Anonymous7:01 PM

    And to think I didn't use the AU blogger meet up to find someone snoggable. What was I thinking?

    I'm ashamed to admit I didn't realize that the blogger events are for swingers, too.

  5. Blues Traveler's Video Same Song

    Run Around
    But I want more than a touch I want you to reach me
    And show me all the things no one else can see
    So what you feel becomes mine as well
    And soon if we're lucky we'd be unable to tell
    What's yours and mine the fishing's fine
    And it doesn't have to rhyme so don't you feed me a line

    But you
    Why you wanna give me a run-around
    Is it a sure-fire way to speed things up
    When all it does is slow me down

  6. oh, man ... I wanted to go to Netroots and BlogHer again, but can't figure out how to be in two places at one time ... and THEN I realized that the NOW conference is that same weekend in DC. Yikes! What's a grrl to do?



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