Sunday, November 18

Chat with Manila Ryce

[my status at googlechat is "busy"-writing]

Manila: you're always writing

bluegalsblog: yes I am.

Manila: you need to stop doing that

bluegalsblog: No I don't.

John: it turns you gay i hear

[on topic that link above is the click to read for today.]

bluegalsblog: well, that's fine. And I'm posting this.
At least I won't wind up a dominatrix like Maureen Dowd.

Manila: go ahead. teh gays are responsible for hurricanes and the holocaust too

bluegalsblog: well there you go.
Don't forget global warming
it's the tranny shoes.
teh tranny shoes caused the demise of the rainforests.

Manila: bah, global warming is a myth perpetuated by eskimos
tranny shoes i can believe

bluegalsblog: BTW what are you doing with a japanese kermit avatar?

This may seem like a weird post but when I re-read this chat over before closing it I realized I could really screw with the google blog searchers' minds. Moving on...

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