Tuesday, November 6

Things you already knew.

Tucker Carlson is a complete and utter tool. Is he hiding a ring gag in his mouth? He must swallow a hell of a lot of drool. Just saying.


  1. Surreal. Tucker wanted none of Kucinich. I'm starting to feel a little better...

  2. Anonymous11:18 PM

    When did Tucker the pig fucker graduate to grown up ties?



  3. As a person committed to non-violence, I am often incited to it anyway by watching certain people on TV...

  4. Once again, I'm angered that a frigging TOOL like that guy, shares my name.

    The grown-up tie makes it easier to choke the little scum-sucker though...

    -- Tuckmac

  5. What a fucking hack.

    Thirty years ago people like Tucker Carlson are lucky to keep their job at Burger Chef. Today, they're on tv delivering the "news."

  6. I agree Tucker is a tool and asshole, but isn't Kucinich the coolest?

    Tucker wanted nothing to do with him and he took the fight to Tucker, he is the best.

  7. What a smarmy fucker Tucker is.

    He tried to reduce Kucinich to little more than an after-thought punchline.
    And the comment on his wife at the end was a low blow.

    Anyone seen journalistic integrity around much?

  8. Anonymous12:59 AM

    It was fun watching Kucinich redirect, correct, redirect, correct. Kucinich didn't let the li'l twit get away with anything, did he?


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