Friday, November 30

My GOP YouTube Debate answer.

Oh my f-ing God... This is where politics and religion intersect in America?

Please make it stop.

Do you believe every word in the Bible, Blue Gal? Every? Single? Word?

Oh put down your paper-bound idol, asshole. Just because it has the letters b-i-b-l-e on the cover doesn't mean you're supposed to worship it. Idolatry is a big ol' commandment breaker, and Satan gets rock hard when you hold up the Bible, Ten Commandments, a cross, or anything else, rather than humbly bow your head in silence and thanks. The Devil loves a distracted Christian.

I believe that the Bible is a living document. So's the Constitution. Both the Biblical Jesus and the Bill of Rights support separation of Church and State.

Beyond that, my personal religious beliefs are none of your business. I thank God that I live in America, where I can tell you it's none of your business, unlike the current GOP field, who apparently needs nuts like you to get a single vote. You and the GOP field are pathetic losers, "bless your hearts."


  1. amen, BlueGal. I would say those idiots deserve the president they get, but unfortunately we get the same one they do-and I'm terribly afraid that might mean we end up with yet another moron with a hard-on for endless war. It's a scary time to be an American.

  2. My opinions on religious texts in general would offend just about anyone who isn't an athiest. Looks like I won't be getting elected for anything in the near future.

  3. BlueGal,

    The individual who posted the question is apparently a bit active GodTube and MySpace.

    If Dearing actually understood his book, he might have noticed that politics were beneath Jesus ... or so the story goes.

  4. 'ya know..... when one consult the actual words of Christ..... the part that is in red in my special-needs Roman Catholic Bible carefully translated to english from aramaic, greek and latin for my benefit, you notice right away the Jesus really wasn't down on a whole lot of people. prolly the exception was the Pharisees.
    now, i ain't pointen fingurs er nothin', but these modern day Evangelical Fundamentalists clergy sure do a darn reasonable imitation of the Biblical Pharisees.

    I have sometimes noted that these folks are heretics, by the way, and I thank Blue Gal for pointing out their idolotrous ways.

    God is still speaking.... and as Gracie Allen once said, "Don't put a period where God put a comma".

    lucky for them i'm full of forgiveness and love this Christmas season.

    Spanish Inquisition
    Cruel to Be Kind

  5. Do I smell a new Blog Against Theocracy? One on the eve of the caucuses mayhap?


  6. A person's religious views should not be part of the campaign. The problem for Republicans, however, is that for the past 30 years they HAVE been more invested in GOD than in the GOP. They've gotten the two confused, and I think that is why they have opened themselves up to these sort of questions.


  7. bac: "A person's religious views should not be part of the campaign. The problem for Republicans, however, is that for the past 30 years they HAVE been more invested in GOD than in the GOP."

    hmmm, I think they should be vested in the people.

  8. Bible idolatry puts me in mind of when King Josiah ordered the staff of Moses (undoubtedly a holic relic) destroyed because the people had taken to WORSHIPPING IT. Same situation here. ANYTHING can become an idol, even the Bible, but EVERYTHING is irrelevent next to Jesus Christ.

  9. Oh BG, great post, although I am late to the party.

    I agree, it is a book - not God. Deal with that people who want to absolve themselves of any personal responsibility..."oh the Bible says so!" Well there's a reason for doing something. Imagine if that whole usuary thang had stuck- we would not be in the messy credit crunch would we now? (not that I am saying that it should have stuck. refer to BG's living document reference!)

    Ghost Dansing said it well for me. And BAC, I would simply say that the GOP got too wrapped up in their notion of God, rather than God him/herself. Just my two cents.



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