Monday, November 5

Salon tonight (wherein I blame the Matrix)

Blue Gal Salon November 5 hosted by

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Salon is open and I'll be there around 9 Eastern/8 Central and whatever savings time my computer set itself to.

I can't send the email file I wanted to get out and I can't post my vlog... The Matrix is sitting in my laptop's DVD drive. Coincidence? I think not. Plus, somebody's been watching it way too much.

Hope to see you tonight.


  1. Broke the Internet, eh?

    That's coming out of your wages


  2. I love the Matrix and that explains everything.

  3. Ya broke it so bad I couldn't join the chat tonight. I tried for almost an hour... :(

  4. People were getting kicked off a lot tonight Kimono I hope for better next time.

  5. The Cap'n said that I must kiss your foot in penance.
    *Does this*
    I failed to esteem you exactly as highly as the BadAstronomer and Herself.
    I am a worm.
    An ember worm.

  6. "Star Dragon Says:
    November 5, 2007 at 3:43 pm
    The Cap’n is now officially tied with The Bad Astronomer as the coolest reason for Internets that has nothing to do with LiveJournal.
    Sorry, BlueGal.,but somebody has to Bronze."
    "Cap'n Dyke Says:
    November 5, 2007 at 8:51 pm
    SD, ye must go o’er right now an’ kiss Blue Gal’s foot in penance…"

  7. I also tried for while last night and couldn't get on. It was a might disappointing and really annoying.


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