Wednesday, November 28

Hilarious or sad? You decide.

The talents at The 35Percenters are going strong. But Wolf Blitzer makes me so mad.


  1. Sad. I'm not supporting Kucinich, but I think the treatment he has received in the various debates is terrible. If MSM is going to invite all the candidates to debate, then ask questions of ALL the candidates on the stage.


  2. Anonymous10:47 PM

    I'm supporting Kucinich. He's not perfect, but he's right most of the time, and a pretty straight shooter.

    And he has the balls to push this impeachment movement uphill against the rest of our ascrotal Congress.

    Now who else out there can you say that about??

  3. I am still supporting Dennis, although I have my issues with him too.

    Just far fewer of them relative to the others. Although wtf is up with this Ron Paul nonsense?

    Anyway he gets treated very badly, very consistently.

    I suppose that's because he actually read the Patriot Act and various other documents that matter.

  4. Yeah, too bad Dennis wasn't given more time and consideration so he could explain in detail why RON FRICKIN' PAUL, anti-semite, racist, Confederate-apologist, endorsed candidate of neo-Nazis, 9-11 Conspiracy theorist, gold standard advocate, virulent anti-abortionist, would nevertheless make a just jim-dandy Vice President.


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