Saturday, November 17

My deepest apologies.

I'm about to steal an hour of your life, at least.

Go play Free Rice (h/t Vagabond Scholar).

For those of us who think "a multiple choice vocabulary game that is just challenging enough" is way more attractive and addictive than crack. And it feeds the hungry, too.

I do have a strict policy against showing, you know, in any of my panties images. I also am not known for cat blogging. But in this case the combination is so delicious I'll make an exception.


  1. In response to one line in the video ... "who doesn't!" I'll just leave it at that! ha


  2. Anonymous12:24 AM

    1,000 grains of rice, and it is addictive as hell.



  3. that vocab game, it's one of those 'just one more' enticements that never let you go.

    Is that a "kitty" in your panties? The ending of the video has you petting the "kitty" in your panties, he-he, I get it......

    Show us more.

  4. A coworker of mine showed me that site a couple weeks ago. Wasted lots of the boss's time and fed lots of poor folks.

  5. Anonymous8:45 PM

    Crack for the intellect is right. 10,000 grains in one sitting. Now, I limit myself to a certain amount of time, like 10 minutes. I may even study Latin for all those suffixes and prefixes. All for a good cause.

    The Hunger Site and its sister sites are great, too, but only allow one click per day.

    Thanks for telling those who don't know about Free Rice. You've done a beautiful service for the hungry.

    Tim Rooch


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