Friday, November 9

And we love John Gibson.

Yeah we love the mouthpiece of how many fingers?

War is Peace.
Slavery is Freedom.
Crushing Mortgages mean no homelessness.
Oh, and silent Democrats mean the President is winning the war.

Well, that last one...

Am I the only one who is made sick to hear Democrats brag on their pork veto override, their first ever, on the same day we have a new Attorney Torturer?


  1. You are not. I called out the anaerobic interrogation lovers at ATD, including those who just didn't find it important enough to vote.

    Today made me sad.

  2. 'pork veto override'...Sounds like a bad classic rock band.

    Also, I heard John Gibson likes to cruise around in a '76 Cutlass (broken muffler mount and ineffective pine freshener option inclusive) with Mickey Kaus around the goat part of town.


  3. The Mukasay confirmation didn't surprise me, but it damn well is depressing.

    And as several folks have noted, what the hell happened to that "60-vote" crap for this one?

    The Dems are better than the Republicans, but too many are pretty damn worthless for all that. The leadership doesn't seem to have the gamesmanship to even win a game of Monopoly.

    Oh, wait...

  4. Anonymous6:02 PM

    Darkblack is correct about Gibson, and here is the proof.

  5. Am I the only one who is made sick to hear Democrats brag on their pork veto override, their first ever, on the same day we have a new Attorney Torturer?

    Maybe that's the deal they struck? I swear I think sometimes it's all arranged. Or that select Dems are being blackmailed, OR they're incompetent flakes. That to is quite possible.

  6. Anonymous6:53 PM

    You're far from alone, 'Gal, for all the good it does.

    Sen. Leahy (a personal hero of mine) was pretty disgusted with the AG thing. He said, regarding water-boarding, "Murder is murder, and torture is torture." No mincing words there.

    Friggin' Schumer bailed on accounta he did the nominating and wanted a Hometown Boy in the seat. Too bad - Chuck is usually more on my page than that.

  7. Anonymous10:33 PM

    None of the four Senator wannabe prezzies had the guts to filibuster. Pathetic. IIRC, none were even present for the vote. Double plus pathetic.

  8. There is another side to this. I'm disgusted, but not by the Dems. Quite frankly, I think that it would have been more dangerous to give Bush the opportunity to appoint someone while Congress was not in session. I mean, do you remember when Bolton got picked for the UN post--he couldn't have gotten past security at the UN if he hadn't been nominated by Bush!

    This is unpleasant and marks a severe decline in my faith in the system, but it might be the best that we can expect during the tenure of the current Administration.

    But it makes me sick at heart.

    (Impeach the mutha!)

  9. Somewhere out there, en linea, ees the tale of how John Gibson, completely forever and ever, ruined Chreestmas for a fourteen year old Señorita.

    I will no look for eet now, joo can google eet and share the squicky details amongst jour own brave, brave, selves, no?


  10. sometimes i have to tune out the whole bunch -- and yesterday was one of them..

    this whole AG thing is such crap -- "he is the best we will get from bush"

  11. i am just so damn tired of the whole bunch. there are enough facts out now that most of this country should be out marching in the streets and yet, ?

  12. Anonymous12:45 AM

    Maybe I've had a bad week, but at least there'll be all that awesome victory gin that we can drink. I know I've been looking for a way to incorporate my love of overalls.

    On the veto override you are spot on.

    Enjoy yourself in D.C.


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