Friday, November 30

Watch what you wear in Second Life.

Tonight I had the distinct honor to attend Jesus General's Cafe Wellstone/Birthday Party at the virtual world called Second Life. I actually do have too much of a first life to get involved in this, but tonight I was freer than usual and this was way fun. The General's Birthday is next week, he tells us, which means he and that other Jesus are both Sagittarius or Capricorn or sumpin. Anyhow, I apologize to the General in that my avatar got stuck in "fly" mode and I wound up in Second Life outer space. I'll try to get back some other time.

In the meantime I have a warning for the ladies. I dressed my avatar in what I thought was rather demure clothing: A long full black skirt and a somewhat lacy top with sleeve puffs or somesuch to provide a little more coverage. The problem is I could not figure out how in SL to look at the front of my dress. They don't have a lot of virtual three-way mirrors in SL, though I've heard other three-ways are pretty common.

Here's the dress as I saw it and wore it at the party:

Ahem. I started to "dance" using "animations" provided by the General his own self. My avatar swung around and oh my effing gawd...

Ma hunnies I could not be seen in public with such a small amount of boobular support without scaring innocent woodland animals wherever I appeared.

Anyhow. Thanks for the hospitality, Sir. Great fun, and happy birthday. xoxo


  1. Anonymous5:52 PM

    I'd donate good money to the Kucinich campaign to see you in that dress, doll. I'll even buy you the web cam.

    (Seemed a horrid shame to let this one go by without comment.)

    What's up with Blogger, by the way? They got rid of "other"!

  2. On my monitor, the images that are provided are actually very dark. I had lighten the images of the front of the dress and the back of the dress to see them properly. These links might help anyone that had the same problem. Ooo-la-la!


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