Saturday, November 10

Blue Gal is in DC

Having a Sam Adams with, among others, PZ Myers of Pharyngula, which, I learned this evening, is pronounced Fair-RING-gyoo-la. I'm not allowed to tell you he's not as cranky as he lets on, so I won't.

We're here at the behest of Americans United for the Separation of Church and State (well worth the click, imho). But separation of church and state does not mean that thinking Christians and cantankerous atheists can't get together for some great conversation and a beer.

My room has a fainting couch. And I don't have to ask anyone "do you have to go potty?" for three solid days. Makes me feel all vampy, doncha know.

Ha. Photos by D-Cup of Politits, who's all that. Thanks to BAC of Yikes, too, who has done so much to make this weekend possible.


  1. ... wait ... so why did you keep asking me if I had to go potty?


    ps: GREAT finally meeting you in person.

  2. While I am very much enjoying my weekend here in the farthest reaches of Smalbania, NY I wish that you were asking me if I had to go potty.

    That and having some time to hang out on the fainting couch and discussing the nexus of faith and politics.

    With cocktails and some of my favorite bloggers.

  3. Have fun in DC! Say hi to George and Dick for us.

  4. oh wow! looks like you are having a great time! terrific!

    hope you will write all about it.

  5. 'Say hi to George and Dick for us.'

    ...With a loving note wrapped around a brick.


  6. I'd comment more, but ... I have to go potty. <3

  7. Wishing I were there... (she sighed wistfully...) :)

    Next time.

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  10. Anonymous4:10 AM

    I hope you cast plenty of hexes and spells and stuff so every dick in Washington goes permanently limp and has to retire to Wyoming.

    I mean, separate the church from the state so all the heathens can rule and everyone will know magically when to go potty and never miss.

  11. That's so cool! Steal me an ashtray.

  12. Anonymous7:25 PM

    'Gal, glad to hear it's going well down there. You deserve every little bit of recognition you get for your work, and then some.

    You're still at the top of my list.

  13. What a pleasure it was meeting you in person!
    Thanks for the link, and I'm looking forward to seeing you again next year.
    Or sooner, since you spend some of your time in WA state -- come to one of our AU chapter meetings!
    --The F Man


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