Saturday, January 10

Driftglass is ONLY 347 votes down

Considering that yesterday morning we needed a thousand plus votes, that's like, Chicago turnaround, my friends. So go vote, early and often, the Chicago way.

And here's your Saturday song...


  1. ah, a favorote of mine!

    been voting!

  2. The deed is done and I even use my post-op dog complete with cone as part of the lure to get folks to vote.

    Shameless? Maybe.

    Necessary? Absolutely.

    Go Driftglass, go and leave that other evil woman in the dust!

  3. That's encouraging news. I stumbled into the anchoress (sic) last year, and had to take a Catholic shower as a result. (You know, a shower where you feel guilty for having to touch yourself all over, even though it's absolutely necessary to get clean again.)

  4. Now just over 50 votes to go for the lead!!! Cool!! Go Drifty!

  5. Blues Brothers rule....

  6. And Driftglass takes the lead!!!

  7. Oh, and I urged my (few) readers to vote for him, too.

  8. Anonymous2:00 PM

    How great is that clip?

    Indescribable...or is it's fantastic!

  9. I hope Driftglass is wearing sunglasses. You can always get where you need to go when your shades are cool.
    Good Luck!

  10. geeeezzz bg, i just did my 5,000th post!

    whodah thunk it.

    at least i can work something on my computer. : )

  11. Anonymous4:52 PM

    drifty now has a comfortable 318 point lead. The big MO!

    Balls and Walnuts is back up, by the way.

  12. There's nothing comfortable about 318 points, when you realize he was down by a thousand yesterday. His opponent can fire up her forces the same way we did. Keep voting, please, and thank you!

    I would do this for any blogger friend. That said, DG is an amazing writer and talent.

  13. Snapping my fingers and singing/dancing along here in NC. Blues Brothers rule!

    Those were the days - Belushi, Gilda, SNL - telling your date you had to get home before 11:30 on Sat. night because you couldn't miss YOUR show.

    Sure you could go back out afterwards, but Saturday night was special. And no one you knew argued with you.

    Speaking of such, I finally (out of action for two days) got the Weblog Awards logo/link up and my very few avid readers will now hit it - but I'm sure they've all been hitting it already.

    Go Dg and BG!

    You rule today.

  14. Whoops! I also meant to note that I was wearing BIG sunglasses and singing "Sweet Home Chicago," (home of one of the finest art museums in this country)!

    (Also watching "The Commitments" out of my right eye as I type.)


  15. Anyone that doesn't dig this tune just can't rock!

  16. Thanks to Wonkette for turning me onto this site. You rock.

    You have the rest of my votes till Tuesday!

  17. Love the music, love Driftglass, Love your blog...and LOVE the palin vid you made...

    So I guess you could say

    Its all love ;)



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