Sunday, January 25

No response.

Shoveling snow for an hour gave me time to think about all the things I don't have to respond to.

I don't have to respond to John Boehner about taxes.

I don't have to respond to the email that said:

Dear Adult Content Blogger: We have an exciting NEW way for your readers to access the world of live sex video!

I don't know how they found me, I don't care, and I trust my intelligent, computer-savvy readers to google whatever turns their gears, by themselves.

If you got turned on by the image of someone actually wearing that penguin jockstrap... I have a general rule about "no one is wearing the panties at BG" but really.

I don't have to worry about middle child's creativity. I may have to worry about a teacher who writes "do not draw extra pictures" on a COLORING worksheet. Trust me, I saved that one for parent-teacher time. I am not amused.

I do not have to think about the blogger who is trying to talk her husband in to baby number five. (Whatever.)


4 year old has something to say:

vqvyqbj0v054wu bbbbb n54yyyyyyyyyyehjvuy64hv8by6m-u5555555555553m5j 5jmu73 67uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu4ijbbuj e5o[yu'[etnhpbypnev36jj0b,i6=====h0 6nyum6 eb, bj mg3nvybbvy9 2j7h

Tax cut THAT, John Boehner!


  1. Ha. I got that same "Dear Adult Content Blogger" email. I'm guessing you got picked for the panties and the "fucks" and I got on their list for discussing rape and, well, also the occasional "fuck."

    But since I didn't find that penguin pic myself, maybe I do need their sexxy search engine?

  2. It's odd to me they haven
    t trolled my site for "Adult" content. I posted my novel and it has very graphic scenes of an adult having sex with a 7 year old.

    And Boner has become irrelevant. His days are numbered. And would someone tell that asshole to stop with the tanning bed.

  3. Oooooh. You mean Parent-Teach-Teacher time. A "teacher" determined to crush the creative juice right outa the child. But there is a line, I suppose. One of my twins drew cartoons on his ACT test. He has a fine arts degree now but manages a formal wear store.

    How the times change. Tanned skin was a social stigma that meant you had to work outdoors for a living. On Boner it is still a social stigma, only it means he's a jaggoff.

    WV: Ballogr

  4. Well, that bit of intimate apparel gives 'global warming' a whole new twist.

    And teachers stifling creativity? Next thing you'll be telling the readership is that journalists parrot corporate talking points...Where does one draw the line in this cruel burlesque, I ask?


  5. OK - now I'm confused. Obviously a mans apparel, yet a (nice) female form. Maybe it's a dildo holder for that girl on the go? Yet I thought you didn't wear panties. Way too much to think about...

    I never got to raise kids - I considered it a bad idea to reproduce with crazy-ass southern republican women, and alas, smart yankee women have better taste than to move here. And I hate cold. What a conundrum.

    But I guess it's all for the best if that is an example of what teachers are "teaching". Apparenty I had a bunch of liberal nut jobs for teachers - ahh for the good old days.

  6. The only words I can use to describe that garment, Dr. Know, are "just wrong."

    And I don't post panties that people are actually wearing as a general rule, which was broken in this post. But I don't think of THAT as naughty, just wrong.

    In any event, my own panty habits are, as you might have guessed, not a matter for public inquiry. Nothing to see here moving on. (hahaha!)

  7. yes, yes, jagoff! a favorite pittsburgh term and it fits.

    the penguin? well, only if you and your partner are hockey fans! ; )

  8. "I may have to worry about a teacher who writes "do not draw extra pictures" on a COLORING worksheet."

    How sad. It was in third grade when my teacher started pulling the same type of bullshit.

    WVW: "cologre" Ha!

  9. Anonymous6:52 PM

    Thanks for the explanation. I never would have guessed a penguin. Well, each to their own, but now I'm wondering about other cute little animal jocks. Or would that be jock animals?

  10. Yikes! A German magazine once ran a story featuring the pink elephant version of that contraption.

    As for the coloring thing - gaaaah. Shades of Flan's speech in Six Degrees of Separation, and it's sad how many people in the thread can relate to the incident you describe. But seriously, you're obviously a good mom because you're appalled - and you saved that worksheet! Whoo-hoo! Video entry to come!

  11. Anonymous2:08 PM

    The penguin wouldn't work for me. Now a giraffe on the other hand...

    I was sent to the school shrink because all of my drawings were in black or brown crayola. When I finally was able to speak I told them it was because the big kids got all the cool colors and only left behind the crummy ones. But it took several sessions before they asked me why.




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