Thursday, January 15

Free Movies!

If you're frozen in today, do what I'm doing and (between posts) watch a movie online. My picks:

Love is a Ball, featuring the late Ricardo Montelban. I'm a sucker for '60's camp.

Horse Feathers, Marx Brothers mayhem.

And of course, the number one comedy of all time, according to AFI: Some Like It Hot.

I sure wish Fancast was paying me to link them, but since they're not, if you watch a Fancast movie today because of this post, please consider dropping the cost of a big-city movie ticket ($9.00 is what I'm requesting this quarter) in the BG hat. (The BG nine-dollar fundraiser ends tomorrow.)


  1. arsinic and old lace and attack of the killer tomatoes

  2. some like it hot is one of my favorites -- i love the tango scene

    and duck soup (tho horsefeathers is almost as good!)


  3. I have a box set of Marx Bros. Time to bring them out, I guess.

    I also have the original 'Day The Earth Stood Still' with Michael Rennie, Patricia O'Neil. I'm not sure about the remake. Should I give it a try?

    on a side note: Monkeyfister has convinced me to resurrect my blog. Since I am such a big fan, I added you to my blogroll.

    I hear you giggling...


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