Friday, January 9


I tried to do a "reply all" to a David Plouffe email so I could let the whole universe know to vote for Driftglass, but I don't think it worked.

I love Melissa McEwan.

And if you have an account at Big Orange (Kos), could you please recommend this diary? Thanks.


  1. 'Bush was also right about Gitmo'...And then using a Hot Air op-ed to justify the remark?

    Nice handoff, clownshoes.

  2. Anonymous6:17 PM

    I've been voting for Mr. D. Glass, Esq. on a daily basis since Monday. His words just make my head spin...and make me laugh like a mad hyena.

    I sure am glad he's on our side...

  3. We're still voting for you in your category. Wonkette's slight lead is totally surmountable.

  4. I'm voting like a mad fool for all of our bunch. You get my vote every day cause you are my girl! And I rec'd the diary - that's all I use that account for anyway...


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