Saturday, January 3

Saturday Song

BossHoss from Germany. Cracked me up.

Sisters? Make sure he's worth the broken glass (unlikely), before you throw his stuff out the window. Plus, if he's a cowboy AND a musician, why the hell is he keeping stuff at your place anyhow? Geez.

On the other hand, I'm told cowboy musicians find it difficult to take an angry woman wearing nothing but undies seriously, 'specially before he's had some coffee. Just sayin'.


  1. What do you call a musician without a girlfriend?



    ...And I don't take anything seriously before morning coffee, except for the lack of morning coffee.

  2. You owe me THREE MINUTES of my life back!

    Seriously! Big disclaimers should have been attached.

    I went on faith that the wonderful, talented, beautiful and intelligent BG would never lead me astray.

    Excuse me while I go erase this from my short/long term memory.

    Happy New Year!

  3. What? You don't lurve dee rockabilly?

  4. Anonymous2:00 PM

    The Blasters did rockabilly.

    Rev. Horton Heat is rockabilly. Shoot, even Brian Setzer is rockabilly. These guys are, like, rockaposers or sumthin.'

    Cute video, though.

  5. You need to have long hair to play rockabilly.


  6. What? You don't lurve dee rockabilly?

    Carl Perkins is Rockabilly!

    This is adjunct expatriated crap preying on German naivete about quality. David Hasslejoff is HUGE in Germany.

    I'll accept different strokes for different folks and all, but... even I have limits.

    That three minutes is compounding as I type... I may need to drink heavily. Thanks.

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  8. Heeee... awesome-sauce!

    I will have to share this!


  9. I read comments firs before listening. Now I know I don't have to listen, but loved the comments.


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