Saturday, January 17

Saturday Song with Lou Reed and Elvis Costello

One of those songs I wouldn't have given ten seconds to when I was young and stupid. Now my chin rests in my hands and I sigh and sigh through the whole thing.

Hope things are thawing in your world.

PS. THANK YOU to those who contributed to my fundraiser. The small donations added up to where I can pay my car insurance for six months. Even more the kind comments and emails that came in showed real appreciation and support. That means the world to a writer who works daily at this thing. Thank you so much. xo


  1. You may have been young, but I doubt very much that you were stupid.


    As admiring of elements of these two gentlemen's respective ouevres as I am, I am grateful that they didn't attempt harmonizing with each other on the vocal - Wildebeests mating at a waterhole have better odds of melodic convergence.
    And the video direction at the close of the broadcast should be avoided with those who may suffer from epileptic seizures.

    Nevertheless, a fine song for a Saturday.

  2. Anonymous5:58 PM

    xo back.


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